Finished: The ScarJo Dress (Vogue 2902)

Remember how I was obsessed with this dress. It’s Mango Fall/Winter 2010, I think.


Then I found this fabric in the US in 2011.


And this pattern.


I managed to complete the dress 5 minutes before I went out the door to my brother’s wedding. Thanks to my assistant-to-the-seamstress, or The Husband. He was very disappointed when he saw what horsehair braid was. He was expecting more horse.


The bodice fit well. I didn’t put boning in because I just plain ran out of time. It can be added now but it stood up quite well and I didn’t feel the need to pull at it all day. The belt I made a while ago. It’s just a satin ribbon with a silver closure sewn on. It happened to go perfectly with the dress.


This is me with my brothers. You can see the horsehair braid in the hem really makes the dress swingy. And it was so easy. I used the Gertie method for the most part. Though I did finish the edge on my serger first. Basically I went all the way around this 4+ metre hem 3 times. Totally worth it!


The bride and groom. They are total gamers and even had a picture of their online characters framed at the wedding.


Me and my older bro. I’m so happy he found his bride. She is lovely and thinks we’re hilarious so, welcome to the family!

PS. I don’t really worry about Katie Holmes. Though I am still holding out for her and Dawson.

What I’m listening to: Everyday by Buddy Holly


26 thoughts on “Finished: The ScarJo Dress (Vogue 2902)

    • I’ll write up a little more on the rescue. It was right down to the wire (or braid!) as they say.
      And my husband is infinitely patient. He really should sew with all that patience!

  1. Gorgeous! Horsehair braid is so much fun. How did you solve the threee inch-short problem? Piece a bit in, or redo the whole thing?

    Also, I love your brother & his wife’s wedding gear. They look perfect. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’ll write up a little more on the hem save.
      My brother and sis-in-law are very unique. They have no living room furniture just 2 full computer set-ups for gaming. So glad they found each other. 🙂

    • No horses we harmed in the hemming of this dress! 🙂
      Thank you. I wasn’t sure how the shape would look on me but it came out well. I’ll write up a little more on the details on another post.
      Thanks for reading!

    • Thank you! It was stressful there for awhile!
      I was afraid the retro style and braid hem would be too costumey but no chance of that with the bride and groom’s dress choices! 🙂
      I’m going to try some more reprinted vintage style patterns.

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    • Wow! Thank you. I’ve derived so much inspiration from the online sewing community that it’s just awesome to be a small part of it.
      Look forward to seeing what you do with the pattern!

  5. Dark blue or teal dupoini (spelling) silk. That’s what I see this dress in for me. I hope I can pull it off! I put a corset back in my homemade wedding gown because I have an irrational fear of zippers. What a dork I am! I will be looking around for a zipper support group on Word Press. Know of any?

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