Horsehair Braid Hem FAIL!


Ended up about 3 inches short on horsehair braid for my ScarJo dress hem. 5 hours before my brother’s wedding was scheduled to start. This hem is over 4 metres long…that’s 14 feet, people!

Will it be done in time? Will husband pick up the correct notion at the fabric store? Is Katie Holmes going to stand firm in her decision to leave Tom?

Tune in next time!

What I’m listening to: Two Doves by Dirty Projectors


12 thoughts on “Horsehair Braid Hem FAIL!

    • I didn’t realize the combo was unique until you (*edit: it wasn’t you, it was Vicki Kate!)mentioned it. I’m not really a retro girl. I just love the dress style and the fabric was similar, sorta, to the original.
      Find out tomorrow if it was a wadder or not.

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