In Progress: Vogue 2902, so far so good

I completed the bodice muslin for Vogue 2902, my ScarJo dress. I didn’t take photos when trying it on. I’m in such a hurry to get this dress done that I didn’t take the time. The muslin fit wonderfully. Such relief…

Then I learned a valuable lesson in looking at suggested layouts for pattern pieces on your fabric.


You might be able to see that this dress has a circle skirt. I’ve never sewn one and I’m very excited but what a fabric eater! The pattern piece says to cut two on the fold. From the photo you can see that the piece won’t fit on the folded fabric. By the by, this is my lining fabric. 🙂

With the fabric unfolded you can lay the pattern piece out. So, why even make me cut on the fold! Just give me a full pattern piece!

Anyway, enough ranting. Here is my bodice front.


And bodice back.


I love this fabric more and more. Hope I can get this done.

Ever have trouble with your pattern piece layout options? Do you read directions better than me?

What I’m listening to: I’m Shakin’ by Jack White


6 thoughts on “In Progress: Vogue 2902, so far so good

    • The piece said “cut on fold” but all the layouts showed the piece with the centre fold on the crosswise grain. So perpendicular to the selvage. So my bodice centre is cut on the grain but skirt centre on the crosswise.
      Once again I have print matching issues. Does that ever end for me?!

  1. I’ve run into lots of layout problems since “45-inch” fabric has really become 44-inch fabric, then 43-inch fabric once it’s washed. If I’m buying fabric for a specific pattern, I automatically add a half-yard to be safe!

  2. I love this dress and it isn’t even done yet! I’m glad you’re loving the fabric cos I think I’d have to steal it from you otherwise – why oh why can’t we get prints like that in the UK?! Plus circle skirt?! Fabulousness!

    • I do love the dress. Wish the print matching was better but I’ve already added a belt. 🙂
      Most of my fabric is purchased in the US. Better selection than Canada and maybe the UK, from what you’ve said.
      I hate to brag but the feel and drape of that fabric is perfection. Best I’ve ever worked with.

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