I’m working on it

I’ve been an absent blogger, haven’t I? I have been moving into a new home and (the tough job) moving out of an old one. I thought I’d share a few photos from my new sewing space. Even though it is far from ready.


I know, why would I share that mess. Well, I don’t have sewing to blog about so…

The lighting is horrible. That needs work. The walls are true white but the light makes it look yellow. Yuck.


The window is a good size but it faces a hill east. Not a lot of light but better than nothing. And yes, those are security bars.


This is my book shelf. Soon it will hold patterns, fabric and books.

The best part. This amazing closet. It has to do multiple duty. DVDs, books of a non-sewing classification and other storage items will all have to share the space. I will be able to put the ironing board and iron in here too.


Oh, sweet sewing desk! I’ve missed you! Little TLC needed here to get this organized.


Lastly, I had all but given up on the idea of sewing the dress for my brother’s wedding…in, umm, a week and a half. But, I found a hat. So cute and I knew it would match my dress. So I’m going to give it a try. I’m also going to whip up a little lace cape. I have time this weekend. And evenings next week. Hopefully it comes together easily. If not, I have a plan B which will still go with the hat!

What I’m listening to: Let’s Build a Home by White Stripes

6 thoughts on “I’m working on it

  1. Oh, so much potential! I agree that the lighting is a little weird, but I hope that can be easily fixed?
    The fabric and pattern for your brother’s wedding looks like it will be a stunning combination! I don’t know why but it has never occured to me to pair such a modern print with a vintage pattern. The finished item will be amazing! I hope you can pull it off in time!

    • I plan to add a chandelier to the room. At least 3 bulbs. And I have a lamp to add. That should do it.
      I hope the dress and cape turn out okay. I wanted a modern print in this style. The only pattern I found was a vintage pattern reprint. Just finished the bodice muslin and it looks good!

  2. Awesome! Progress is exciting. I can’t wait to see what you do with the place. It is going to be amazing.

    Can’t wait to see your outfit at the wedding! xo

  3. Can you get some good lighting in there? Maybe that will help? Sewing spaces are so tough and finicky to set up – it seems like there’s never enough storage! I live vicariously through beautiful attic studios in some of the flickr sewing room groups…as I don’t actually have a sewing space and just hog the dining room for a day or two! If anything, at least it’s good incentive to get projects finished quickly!

    • The most important is to use what you’ve got! We only have 2 bedrooms but my hubby is generous enough to have his office in the living room so I can make a mess in the 2nd bedroom.
      I started out sewing on the dining table. It works.
      Thanks for commenting!

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