McCalls Fall 2012, or, First Week at Degrassi Jr High (Photo heavy post)

Oh, McCalls. Why do you taunt me with a new pattern collection, and then have it styled by Heather and Erica for their first week at Degrassi. Anyone?



Okay, what? Who wears this? And where? I’m in love with this look…NOT! I thought I’d use an expression from the ’80’s since that is the only place you’d wear this.


Am I supposed to want to spend my scarce sewing hours making THIS? Then I’m supposed to wear it? In public?



This is a pattern for the jacket only. I love colour-blocking but this is silly. Maybe they have another, better photo of the jacket.


Hey, thanks, McCalls. It might be better if you made the pattern item the focus of the outfit and not what looks like the last second item you threw on the model.


If this is meant for an older sewist then show it on one. Don’t put this poor girl in a grandma blouse. I get grandma chic but this is grandma with no chic. But look at one of the options for the blouse.


Huh… I kind of like this now.

For fun, look at these crazy poses.





Enough with the negativity. Now, what I liked.




Have you seen this before? A cowl neck with a collar? I like it for some reason.


I love a sheer sleeve. I wore them in the ’80’s/’90’s and welcome a comeback. Here are the drawings.



Wouldn’t this be romantic in white or a soft mint?

And the model of the season is this sweetie.



She nails it! And she makes me want arm warmers!

What I’m listening to: Five Seconds by Twin Shadow


5 thoughts on “McCalls Fall 2012, or, First Week at Degrassi Jr High (Photo heavy post)

  1. Thank what ever deity you like that I am not the only one going huh?! at this collection. I missed the cowl with a collar, but like you I kinda like it. Can’t go wrong with a simple v neck sheath either.
    But that velour thing takes the biscuit!!

  2. Now, you are tempting me with more patterns, uhhhhhh! The sheer sleeve top is taking me back to the late 80’s/late 90’s. I am liking more that pattern. That little cutie is somehow channeling a little 80’s Madonna?

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