I’m going to Vancouver!

Work is taking me to Vancouver, BC (not Washington State, though I love that state – beautiful orchards).  Anyway, I’ll be there in July and can’t wait to visit all the fabric shops that Tasia at Sewaholic has mentioned on her blog.

Cambie Street (you know, like the Sewaholic dress)
Photo from Wikitravel

I need some help.  I’m not sure how many of my readers (I can’t believe I just called you my readers) live in the Vancouver area but I need a cool, unique location for an evening reception.  I’m thinking planetarium or gallery.  Leave a comment with your suggestions or feel free to drop an email.

That is my day job.  Administrator extraordinaire.  🙂 This is my first time travelling for business and I’m really excited though it will be exhausting.  Full days for a full week.  I plan to add a couple of days for play.

I’ve been a little deliquent from my blog (and even commenting on other’s blogs) as we are packing and cleaning for our move to a new home.  Time seems to be passing slowly which is so strange.  Now it’s the difficult stage of packing up the old while still leaving the place respectable for showings.  I haven’t dragged out any projects since sewing makes the biggest visible mess and the clean-up time after just isn’t worth it.  I look forward to sewing in my new space!

What I’m listening to: Let’s Stay Together by Al Green

7 thoughts on “I’m going to Vancouver!

  1. Ooh, how exciting! I’ve never been that far for work, a couple of hundred miles is the limit (but then I’m in the UK so I can’t go too far or I’ll fall in the sea!)
    I hope the viewings go well and you get to make a massive sewing mess in your new home soon!

    • I’m so excited to visit Vancouver. Wouldn’t it be great if I could wear my Sewaholic garments in the district they are named for?!
      Anyway, the good thing about moving out is that we are renting so we don’t have to sell the place, just get it ready for the building manager to rent out.
      I’m thrilled for my new space. 🙂

  2. Reality is reality, blogs can wait. We’ll be here when you are moved and have a backlog of inspiration to catch up on.

    I’ve never been as far west as Vancouver. One day we’ll go and visit friends. After a successful weekend of the friends visiting us, it feels more likely to happen as our next “fun vacation with a budget”.

    • My company doesn’t know they are really funding a fabric trip! 😉
      I’ve been to Vancouver once before to see Radiohead AND REM on the same weekend. It will be hard for even fabric shopping to top that.

  3. Since your going to be fabric shopping, I’ll give you some of my insight. Make sure you go to Dressew, it’s downtown. That place looks a little stuck in the 80’s but it’s awesome. Be sure your not in a rush, you’ll need time to go through the store. The basement has a lot of cheap notions and bargains on fabrics, I wish I lived closer I could spend hours in that place. Fabricana is good too, I prefer the Coquitlam location but if you can’t make it to that one, the Richmond one is still worth visiting. Happy shopping! If you find a cool hole in the wall fabric shop that you liked, let me know. I’ve barely scratched the surface and am always looking for places to go.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      Our group will be staying downtown so I can get to Dressew for sure. I’ll let you know where else I get to.
      If you will be around, let me know and we could meet up for coffee! Thanks for the suggestions.

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