A New Sewing Space

Me-Made-May is going well. I don’t have photos from week 3 because it was too difficult after getting home from work. And one day I walked home in the rain/hail/snow (?) and looked like a drowned rat.

I have been wearing my Peacock Crescent skirt (which I got a compliment on), my Digital Dot Pendrell blouse (which I got RAVE compliments on when the group at work found out I made it) and my Geometric knit top. Some other stuff too but I have more exciting news.


I am moving! Stein and I have purchased a 2-bedroom condo in a super cool neighbourhood in my city. I am still close to work, though not walking distance most days, and it has so much sun that I got a sunburn just signing the papers! 🙂


My new sewing room! (Bed will not be in there.)

The best part of condo-hunting was how excited my hubby got when the apartment had a sewing space. In the place we chose Stein immediately said he could see my fabric in the spare room closet and we agreed on the right spot for my sewing desk. This is my first move knowing I need sewing space.

The rest of the condo is also perfect. We are so excited to get settled in our new space and I will share our sewing space design.

What I’m listening to: You’ve Been Gone So Long by Skydiggers


10 thoughts on “A New Sewing Space

    • I do have to put in a fold out sofa-bed as its our only guest room BUT it is my first time moving since I started sewing. It’s exciting to plan from the start.
      Any suggestions? Things I may miss but should get in there?

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