Bits and Pieces

This weekend I had an instruction session at my local Sewing World on my new serger. It was free with my purchase. Janna, the instructor, showed me how to do pintucks, attach lace and use a gathering attachment and elastic gathering attachment.

Janna let me take the samples so I could try them out on my own at home. I bought the attachment that lets me use my serger to gather fabric on an elastic. It’s only for narrow elastic but I had visions of skirt waistbands and gathered sleeves.

The store’s test machine had wooly nylon thread in the upper looper so I decided to pick some up to try on a special project. It is stronger and thicker and looks great on rolled hems.

I also crossed the street to Fabricland and picked up boning and horsehair braid for my ScarJo dress, which I am working on but not ready to share yet.







What I’m listening to: Because I’m Awesome by the Dollyrots

6 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

    • The key is finding out what you can do with the machine.
      I’m not saying I’ll do it all but it’s good to know its available. Gives me ideas…which I already have enough of!
      I love finishing the edges of fabric before I prewash. Has made it easier to tell which is washed!

  1. I agree, we all need more time to find out what our machine does. I have a old Kenmore sewing machine from the 1970s and I just realized it has a simple overlock on it! I can’t believe it. I have a ruffler attachment for it too, which I haven’t tried yet.

    • It’s all about learning and growing in this sewing thing. I wish I had an older sturdy machine. Maybe one day I’ll get one passed on to me.
      Read Tanit-Isis Sews about her ruffler experiments.

  2. Someday I’ll do a crazy in-depth ruffler post…

    That’s awesome that the lesson was included. I feel totally justified in my enabling ;). Also, were you as excited as I was to find horsehair braid at Fabricland? I found 2″ wide stuff last week! (Where was it last year when I actually had a project that needed it!)

    • You did a post on rufflers, didn’t you? Or did I make that up?!
      The horsehair braid I got is 1″. Should work for my purposes.
      Fabricland is stepping up. Now if they got computers to track memberships.

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