A Nice Surprise!

This week I saw a package in my work mailbox. I expected another task, forms to fill out or something work related.

Instead, I got this!


A package from McCall’s. To be honest, I ordered patterns while I was on vacation last month (because of the big McCall’s/Butterick/Vogue sale) and forgot what I ordered.


I noted this skirt pattern, Butterick 5756, when it was released. I can’t remember why I chose the blouse pattern. I think it could work as a light jacket with the long sleeves. The bag pattern was a whim. Hoping to make some gifts.  Not the best pattern choices for me.  Must have been the California heat stroke.


Holy retro, Batman! I love the dress, Butterick 5747, and the dressing gown is what I wear in my fantasy life in my head. Sort of fantasy sewing.


My first Fashion Star pattern. Love the high waist tie. Wouldn’t it be nice with a contrasting colour? And Butterick 5750 which is so pretty. Nice for summer…likely not this summer at the rate I’m going.

Once again, more planning than actual sewing.

What I’m listening to: Love Interruption by Jack White

6 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise!

  1. What a great surprise! I love the Fashion Star dress and the B5747. Fantasy sewing posts are expressly designed for when your queue exceeds your sewing rate. 🙂

    • The Fashion Star show is terrible. (Though I’ve watched every episode-except the finale, don’t give it away.) But I like this pattern. I may make it in a searsucker, like your little girl’s sundress.
      FTYC may become just a fantasy sewing blog exclusively.

  2. It is always faster to shop than buy, but think of how prepared you are for when you have time. Nothing will hold you back with an assortment of patterns and fabric.

    And that bag pattern, is there a single solid on that cover? I mean, I like prints and all, but I like them to have something solid around them so your eye knows where to look. I find it hard to evaluate the bag vs fabric.

      • So I went to the line drawing to see what was up with that bag. The use of all prints makes it hard to see what the difference is between them, they could have highlighted the panels for B/C/D with solids. Anyhoo, I like the smaller purse shape of A/B, but I like smaller purses in general. I gather the bottom of the panel in B is a pocket? It may be the wine that put it in your cart, but I don’t think that was a bad choice.

  3. More planning than sewing, story of my life. It’s so easy to get distracted by the next pretty thing. I tell myself I won’t buy any more stuff and *bam* more fabric and patterns end up in my hands. With that said, planning is so much fun!

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