Fabric from the desert: The 2012 Edition

I saw this as I came through the door in Hancock Fabric in Redlands, CA.


I love a lace that isn’t a floral.


And a lace that is a floral. Who am I kidding? This will be a jacket or capelet for a planned dress. Love the edging. *Sigh*


I saw a similar print in an orange but the hubby and I both preferred the blues/purples. This will be a dress.

Remember Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s colour of the year. Orange was in RTW in almost every store. I looked for orange in fabric too. Here is orange next to my face.


Looks okay, right? I also tried on an orange dress while shopping.


Terrible fitting room lighting but you get the idea. I like the tangerine colour on me. So much so that I bought this same print as a top. But I didn’t buy the dress. I figured it was very similar to the Butterick 5744 pattern I just bought minus the ruffles.


While I was shopping we passed All Saints and they had the best window display.



So neat! There were different brands and models. I wanted to take one!

What I’m listening to: Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys


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