A Question of Colour*

*I spell colour with a u. Apple wants to autocorrect me on that, even though it’s right. I will spell it as “color” when the reference is from the US. Don’t you love language? ๐Ÿ™‚

I loved Adey’s recent post on sewing plans. In it she pulls the Pantone fashion color report for Spring 2012 and choses colours that she knows will look good on her. Great post.

Pantone Spring 2012 Color Trend - I'm intrigued with the tangerine (which I've never worn and was chosen as colour of the year!) and the sodalite blue and cockatoo.

My question is: how much thought do you give to colour and trends? I have to be honest, before I started sewing I was probably on trend because I bought what was available in the stores. Do you notice how all stores will be filled with brown or plum or cerise?

Since I’ve started sewing I’ve sewn a lot of frosting. And I buy fabrics that attract my eye. Do they look good on me and follow trend? I really only care about one of those things. It doesn’t matter if it’s on trend if it doesn’t look good on you.

That being said I’ve never been a person who only wears certain colors and swears off others. My red-head friends are experts at this.

A lot of things look good on her. Bazinga!

So, what colours look good on me? What better place to find out than a fabric store where you can drape yourself in colour. I’m hoping to try this out on our trip, in fabric stores where no one knows me.

Do you KNOW what colours look good on you? Do you follow trend? What colours from Pantone do you like for spring 2012?

What I’m listening to: A Lack of Color by Death Cab for Cutie

9 thoughts on “A Question of Colour*

  1. I don’t care about colour trends, I wear colours that make me happy. Purple makes me happy. Cool reds look good on me, I like blue, pink and burgundy. Most of my neutrals are black and grey over browns and beiges. Generally speaking, I think green looks good on other people and my dining room table. It does not make me happy so I do not wear it. There are the odd warm colour item in my closet, generally gifts or passed along clothing. I’m just never drawn to any shade of orange, yellow, or green in fabric or RTW.

    • Agreed. I think trends are interesting because you may consider a colour you haven’t before but I also wear colours that make me happy. If I get compliments on it I’ll often buy it again.
      I feel like I should wear green because my eyes are green but I just can’t get excited about it.

  2. I can honestly say I’ve never given a flying #$%# about colour trends, and only reluctantly bandwagon on the other mainstream fashion trends (except when they happen to intersect with my preconceived personal tastes, in which case I am the earliest of early adopters). This isn’t always a good thing, as there are certain colours (and especially colour combinations) that I have probably never even given a shot, and sometimes I am surprised by the things that I end up liking (like tunics, which I would never have tried if they weren’t insanely trendy and unavoidable a couple of years ago). I did get draped by a “Colour Me Beautiful” professional when I was very young, and that little booklet of swatches did constrain my early colour choices—until my late teens when I rebelled, started hanging out with goths, and wearing a lot of black. I’m kind of in recovery from the black now (I like the colour but it’s not the most flattering near my face), but I admit I do have a somewhat limited palette. I occasionally stretch beyond it, but that often nets me wardrobe orphans that don’t coordinate with anything else.

    I do think some of my perennial colour favourites are ones that look really good on me (red, blues), although I wonder about others (ivory, white). Then there’s colours I dislike, probably more for personal/identity reasons than anything legitimate: I don’t wear brown; that’s what my mom wears. Hmm.

    • Tell us how you really feel, TI! ๐Ÿ™‚
      My mom always thought I wore too much black when I was young. I wasn’t goth (maybe influenced by the Ramones?)just trying to get away from the little girl florals, I think.
      Colour Me Beautiful draped me one time in school. They said I was an Autumn. As if! All of us girls hated the oranges and greens and browns. So I never took it seriously.
      Now I have a friend who is into interior design. It’s surprising how what looks good in decorating looks good on the body. Like turquoise and cherry. Never would have tried it until my friend designed her business cards with those colours.
      Maybe check out House and Home for outfit ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I actually just scored the “Color Me Beautiful” book from a Little Free Library. It confirmed some colors I already knew looked good (any shade of blue-green) and I’m actually excited to try some of the ones I hadn’t really thought about (so many different shades of pink.) I’m not planning on following their colors very rigorously or anything, but it was kind of cool and made me realize some colors I had kind of been avoiding for no apparent reason. But other than trying (in a flying-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of way) to find ones that look good on me, and therefore will look good on me all the time, I don’t really follow the colors for this season or anything. I do hate orange though. Looks great on other people, but I feel like a clown or a safety cone.

    • I tried on some orange while shopping yesterday. It looked so good I bought a top! My husband LOVED it.
      Maybe Colour Me Beautiful did have me pegged right as an autumn.
      That being said I tried to buy some orange in the fabric store but gave in to the blues/purples.

  4. I’m sure no one has noticed, but I lack fleshtone. If I follow color trends too much I can look pretty scary, so unfortunately I cannot dance the tangerine tango!

    • Tried on tangerine yesterday, loved it, as I write I’m getting a tangerine pedi!
      Not sure I have much flesh tone either. A woman in the grocery store cutely kidded me about it. I’m swear I’m the whitest woman in California right now!

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