Wide World of Sewing

I’m not as active in sewing as I’d like to be. I have been overwhelmed at work and by the time I get home I  can’t handle anything more than IT Crowd repeats and Fashion Star (are you watching this?  It’s terrible.)  However, the world wide web of sewing is very busy. Since I don’t really have a post about MY sewing, see what others are up to!

I participated in Self-Stitched-September. I was fairly successful even with an unexpected emergency trip. I am considering participating. I like Melizza’s plan to wear her SS garments for part of the week.

Pyjama Party
Doesn’t this look like fun? Combines my 2 favourite things; sleeping and reading. Probably explains why I haven’t done more sewing. *blush*  I’m joining this and hope you do too!

New Colette Patterns
There has been some talk on various blogs about stitching a mini-wardrobe for vacation or weekend away. Add these to your list. I especially love THIS one. And I’d like to rewind the clock 15 years and wear the shorts. There is a cut-off age for shorts, right? And I’m past it, right?

Lots of activity out there. What are you doing?

Because I didn’t want to post other bloggers photos without asking (and I was too lazy to ask), here are some photos that I found inspiring this week. (Because I will post photos from big-shot designers presumably.) I saw these on InStyle.co.uk.





What I’m listening to: Sweet Rose by Matt Costa

7 thoughts on “Wide World of Sewing

  1. I’m doing the PJ party too! But I need to hurry along and decide on some fabric. Have you gotten that far yet?

    I am loving that coral and white dress A LOT. I wish I could find pretty printed fabric like that.

  2. I don’t think there is a cut off for shorts, but the proportions of shorts need to change over time. At a certain point, I’d just rather wear a skirt.
    I liked all three of the new patterns. They all seem cute and something I’d wear, but… I’m going to hold off on buying them. I have bought a few Colette patterns I haven’t sewn up yet and they deserve a little attention first.

    I think I am at a perfect point for me-made-months, I have enough clothes that it’s possible but would be an actual challenge. But May won’t be good timing, I don’t want to add another layer of stress to the month.

    • I refuse to let sewing become stressful! It’s my stress reliever so I can’t have my hobby stress me out.
      MMM rules are pretty lax. You could say you’ll wear one per week. I might do a variation of that. We’ll see.

      I prefer skirts to shorts. Dresses to trousers. Something about the proportion…

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. No cut off age for cut-offs 🙂 I love that skirt! Cottonholic on etsy has similar fabric, but I think it’s a velvet. If you can’t find the fabric locally, go with the online shopping.

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