In Progress: Butterick 5755, Or, Rolled Hems Make Me Cry

This was a looooong weekend for me. I had the Thursday as well as the Friday off work. Of course, I immediately filled the time with errands and other more enjoyable tasks. But not a lot of sewing.

I did manage to sew the bodice to the skirt on my maxi dress. The seam allowance forms the casing for the elastic. It gathered beautifully, if I may say. Stein loves the fabric. I’m glad it’s not too night-gowny which this pattern could fall into very easily…


I finished the edges on the waist seam with my serger once the elastic was inserted. I can’t believe how neat and tidy the serger makes my garments. I’m still in awe.


My elastic waist. The flash bounces back off the lining under the skirt. Looks lighter than it is.

I didn’t follow instructions properly when I stitched up the skirt lining. I sewed all the way to the bottom when I was supposed to leave the sides open from the knee down. This is to allow for ease of movement. I decided to leave it and when I’m done I can take out the stitches if I have trouble walking; however, I think it will be very modest for sitting on the grass on vacation. No need to tuck and make sure ‘things’ aren’t peeking out. We’ll see.

I also managed to stitch the bodice overlay front and back together and hemmed it with a rolled hem using my serger. Stein and I decided that we liked the bias cut overlay with the lines running at an angle. He thought it looked more interesting than if the stripes were straight up and down like the skirt. Since it’s meant to have movement and it’s a casual dress I’ve decided to leave it. What do you think? Hard to tell in this photo, I know.


Rolled hem. The edge is turned under slightly and stitched on top and bottom. Like the hem on a handkerchief or lingerie. I did get a little misty-eyed by how quickly and easily I got this beautiful finish. Love my serger. (I may have whispered ‘I love you’ and Stein thought I was talking to him.)

Hope to get the binding put on the bodice this week. The binding extends and forms the straps so I hope the length is good. I have a perpetual problem with straps being too long. (It’s a small bust/short upper torso thing.) Because it’s one long binding, it’s not a simple fix, like shortening the straps. I could try pinning and do a fitting…I’m not sure I’ll get the full picture until its complete.

What I’m listening to: Sherlock Series 2 Episode 1. The tv series from the UK. So addictive.


12 thoughts on “In Progress: Butterick 5755, Or, Rolled Hems Make Me Cry

  1. You are really making me want this dress! I ‘lost’ my rolled hem foot for my machine- I never thought to see if the serger had one. Oh, you may have just saved me some shopping!

    • My serger is so quick to switch to rolled hems. Don’t even have to change the plate (which I’ve heard you have to do on some machines…).
      I love this machine so much.

  2. When I saw the title, I thought, oh dear, hems shouldn’t make you cry, but I see now it’s good tears. 🙂

    Sherlock is well worth the time. It is sad that seasons are only 3 episodes.

    • Hems have made me cry bad tears in the past. Especially on sheer or silky fabrics.
      Now all my tears are joyful.
      It must be the pride that parents feel when their children make the honour roll, etc. 🙂

  3. Oh, SO GLAD it’s the right kind of tears! (Also glad it wasn’t just the shop-lady’s magic fingers that made the rolled hem look so easy!)

    It sounds like this is going really well.

    Good luck with the binding! I’ve only ever done bindings like that in the front, I’ve always made the back a stitched attachment, so I have no helpful advice on getting the straps the right length. Except perhaps measuring in advance where you want them to end in front and back.

    • The rolled hem was SO easy. I felt the urge to roll hem everything in our place! Tablecloth, curtains, towels…but I restrained myself.

      I did a fitting for the straps. As I thought they are WAY long. I wish I could figure out how to make them adjustable but I’ll just take an inch and a half off and see what happens.

      Let me know if you need anything roll hemmed!

  4. Oh I’m with you on loving sergers. I too love mine, though haven’ said it out loud. Or maybe I have? Dunno!

    I really like the bias overlay. its lovely fabric and the slanting stripes are pretty. Good idea.

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