Something New To Obsess Over

If you have a WordPress blog you may have noticed the country stats. Basically they track where your blog readers are located. I’m not one for obsessively checking my readership. I honestly started this blog so my mom and my friends from across the country could see what I was sewing. I never thought I’d have actual people reading this crazy blog-thing.

Anyway, it turns out people from around the world have visited my blog. Are some of them spammers? Sure. But at least some of them have to be actual readers.


The most thrilling for me was Iceland. Seriously, Iceland!? It’s been a dream of mine to visit Iceland. The geothermal pools, amazing literature and music and completely unique landscape. If you are visiting my blog and live in Iceland… halló, ég vona að heimsækja Ísland fljótlega.


People from the countries in colour have visited my site in the last 30 days.

Thanks to everyone who visits my blog. (Except the spammers. Get a real job.) I appreciate those who visit and comment so much. I never thought I’d have such a great time writing this thing. And the friendly connections I’ve made were never expected.

Thank you. Þakka þér. Dank u. Terima kasih.

What I’m listening to: Who Is It by Bjork


6 thoughts on “Something New To Obsess Over

  1. I’ve wondered too, they have that feature in Blogger too. I know I get comments from Canada, the majority from the US, Australia, UK, but who in Estonia is reading my blog? Ukraine? Sri Lanka? I’d love to know.

    Iceland would be cool. Didn’t Sal from Already Pretty go there? She had some great pictures and personal experiences that my help build your case.

    • Yes! I’ve devoured Sal’s Iceland post! I may even contact her once I start planning.
      The whole global thing fascinates me. Like how Australian’s are sewing for summer while we prep for winter and the UK uses different words for things. They must giggle every time we sew a pair of pants. Hee hee.

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