Jumpsuit Up!

I get Rachel Zoe’s daily email. I can never afford any of her suggested fashion items but it can be inspirational for sewing. She also lists a parallel item for less $$. The other day she featured a silk jumpsuit by Derek Lam.


I love the colour and the wide-leg trousers. Would I pay $3750 for it? Umm, no. The parallel garment is from Victoria’s Secret and is $88.


It reminded me of Vogue’s jumpsuit pattern, Vogue 1249.


I wasn’t 100% sure about it until I saw Erica B’s version. Hawt, right? Wowza! It looks so good with her skintone. Here are some other jumpsuits.






The last one, with skirt and then without, is Stella McCartney and is suggested for your wedding day. Oh, yes it is.

Anyway, I’m tempted to try a jumpsuit on somewhere first, before I go to the effort of making one and then hating it. Have you tried this look? Or it’s sister, the romper?


What I’m listening to: Horchata by Vampire Weekend

12 thoughts on “Jumpsuit Up!

  1. I loved Erica’s version too, she made it work. I haven’t tried it for myself, it’s a little style out there for me. Erica could change my mind.

    The concept of a wedding jumpsuit breaks my brain. The one above it, the pattern reminds me of the fabric you are working on for that maxi dress. I know yours doesn’t have the pattern within the stripes, but the feeling of direction without being specific stripes is there.

    I don’t like that top one at all, it’s too much colour, like a big blob of orange walking along. Looking over the options, I like the sleeveless/halter ones and I think it’s because my eye is draw up to the details at the top.

    • More skin at the top because of full coverage at the bottom breaks it up, right? I agree though I still like the Derek Lam.
      Wedding jumpsuit…you could get married while skydiving?

      • I think my other issue is the belt is so narrow and the sleeves end at the belt, it’s a lot of width up there. But I completely agree, fashion is a very personal thing and jumpsuits are polarizing.
        Or… go skydiving AND as Elvis (rather classic white jumpsuit).

  2. I love the look of jumpsuits, but alas the wearing of them is another story. In my experience for them to look good (maybe this is just on my body) they have to be quite form fitting, which unfortunately doesn’t work out so well unless all one does is stand around looking gorgeous. Walking, sitting and moving around create issues with the crotchal region. Camel toe indeed. it can feel like you are performing your own hysterectomy.

    I am with Seraphinalina, an orange jumpsuit sort of screams prison wear, don’t you think?

    • I’ve only seen jumpsuits in motion on models, you know, runway stuff. Not an accurate portrayal of my usual day.
      Prison?! If you are serving time in Saks. 🙂 That’s why style is so personal, right?

  3. Clio (of Clio and Phineas) made an awesome orange one—maybe the same pattern as Erica B.’s.

    I don’t know for myself, either. I fear getting the proportions right, and they usually have a waist-level waistband, which I usually avoid desperately.

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