Future Stitching Plans

Look what I got in the mail this week!


Sorry for the crummy iPad photos.

A maxi dress pattern for summer. And a cute ruffled dress pattern. It’s a new Butterick pattern that I blogged about here. The only thing I got wrong in my post was that it isn’t a wrap dress, just a mock wrap. It has an elastic waist so it will still be easy wear for summer and would be a great bathing suit cover-up.


ANOTHER maxi dress pattern that I will make using the sheer fabric I picked up when shopping with Tanit-Isis.  The fabric isn’t really this dark.  More of a steel blue and raspberry.


I also got the wardrobe pattern because I fell in love with the cape and with the skirt back view.


I can’t believe they didn’t show the fish-tail on the back of the skirt in the garment photos! Turns a regular pencil skirt into a super cute garment, non?

I also got a little surprise pattern that I will save for a big reveal….when I get around to making it after maxi dresses, a retro dress and a skirt suit with a cape.

What I’m listening to: You’ve Got a Lot of Nerve by Neko Case


2 thoughts on “Future Stitching Plans

  1. That’s a huge miss not showing the back of that skirt. It is the only thing interesting about it (not that there is anything wrong with a pencil skirt, but it’s not a hard pattern to come by).

    It’s a good pattern/fabric match you’ve got there. I think the stripey pattern of the fabric would really complement the movement of the dress.

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