Pattern Peonies

I attached the bodice and skirt on my Vogue 1257 dress. (This dress needs a name.) The fit is good. I’m going to take the sleeves out for a spin and see how they are. I just have to hem and I can get photos taken this weekend.

With this.


My husband got a new Sony DSLR which explains why the serger purchase went virtually unquestioned. Now I am promised great blog photos. Actually we have done wedding photography in the past. We’ve done at least a dozen since we got married so with new proper equipment we can start doing wedding photography again.

Look at the sweet gift I got this week.


They are paper flowers made from sewing pattern tissue.


They were made by my friend, Stephanie of Berry Island on Etsy. She makes felted pom-poms and does beautiful mosaics. I don’t think she could ship the pattern peonies but maybe she’ll treat us to a tutorial! Her shop is featured on a little etsy love including a GIVEAWAY! Check it out and enter the giveaway contest.

What I’m listening to: I Turn My Camera On by Spoon

9 thoughts on “Pattern Peonies

  1. Those are beautiful—hmm, I think I probably have some patterns fugly enough to become artwork without feeling too guilty ;).

    Hooray on the spanky camera (especially as it facilitates sewing splurges—oops, there I go enabling again). Can’t wait to see the dress šŸ˜€

    • I love the flowers! So unique and they will last longer than regular flowers.
      The camera is pretty nice. I’m a little intimidated by it. I’m more a point-and-shoot girl. Stein enjoys the techy aspect.
      The dress should be out and about this weekend!

  2. Aw thanks Vanda šŸ™‚ Yes those patterns were the biggest ugliest outfits…22W, and 1980’s wedding dress. That camera is smashing, the instruction book must be huge.

    • My first thought was “What patterns did she destroy?! Could I piece it back together if I took these apart?” Glad I didn’t.
      Yes. Camera instruction book is huge. I made sure we have the house insurance all paid up…what with all our new toys. Crikey!

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