Meet-up with Tanit-Isis, or, How To Be Completely Enabled

The sewing savvy, consistent blogger and Queen of knits, Tanit-Isis, lives in my city. (Remember when Tanit-Isis and Selfish met up? Yeah. That was near me.) We have been trying to meet up for awhile but a series of unfortunate events had derailed our plans. Finally, following a robo sales call from Fabricland advertising their sale, we managed to be in the same place at the same time for some fabric shopping and chit-chat.


Don’t pose for pictures with an actual model. Seriously. She was an actual model.

Well, she’s just as stunning in person. And the girl can fabric shop. I was very restrained, with thoughts of fabric shopping in the US next month in my head. Tanit-Isis had a plan and she scored. Including some red denim for something totally awesome…obviously. I picked up thread and a sheer print for a planned maxi dress.


Tanit-Isis and I are opposites in almost every way, sewing-wise. She works so well with knits, makes jeans…JEANS!!! and sews for little people. Her children. I am drawn to prints and I usually sew woven fabrics and pretty (but poorly constructed) office wear. And I don’t sew for anyone else. Don’t ask me. It was interesting to discover our shared link to rocks and growing up in small-ish towns. And we both love our husbands. Huh.

I suggested a challenge. I had linen fabrics passed on to me from a friend. Black-on-white and white-on-black border print fabric. I offered her first choice and a friendly challenge to see what the other makes with it. No time line or planned judging. Now I feel seriously compelled to step up my cool factor. Though I’m not sure that will happen with an embroidered linen.


I kept the black linen. Suggestions welcome.

Then we visited Sewing World and my restraint was seriously tested. I was interested in looking at sergers as I can see how one would seriously improve my sewing. And I just got a big, fat bonus from work. Don’t bring Tanit-Isis if you want someone who will strengthen your restraint. She convinced me that this is the machine she would buy. I don’t want to call her a pusher but…


Isn’t she gorgeous? I call her Ellie. She has all metal parts and weighs a ton. She won’t be bouncing around on the table! And with a little reading in the guide I was stitching away in no time.

A serger cuts off the seam allowance, finishes the edges and stitches all at the same time. I’m getting a little misty eyed just thinking about it.

So beware if meeting up with Tanit-Isis. Unless you are willing to be enabled.

What I’m listening to: The Fix by Elbow


12 thoughts on “Meet-up with Tanit-Isis, or, How To Be Completely Enabled

  1. She’s beautiful. I’m sorry to be such an enabler… if I hadn’t just had to shell out a similar amount of money for health benefits, I’d totally snaffle one of these up.

    Perhaps we should just have gotten coffee ;)… but you know you wanted it 😉

    • I love it! And I’m not an impulsive shopper so I knew what I was getting into. The sell to the husband was easy since he was looking at DSLR cameras and spent TRIPLE what I did on a new camera. I told him my blog pics must all look super professional now. No more blurry iPhone pics!

  2. I’ll be honest, not loving the black linen. But “challenge accepted”! I would dye it black again to make the embroidery “disappear”. Then I would either make a cute skirt with pockets and hot pink lining, or envelope throw pillows.
    Awesome serger, you’ll never regret getting it. Sometimes we need enablers.

    • I am also on the fence about the linen. They were passed on to me and I thought a linen skirt or top might be nice for our Not sure.
      The hot pink lining is a great idea!

  3. Hmm, I love both of the linens. I like border prints but I don’t really think of how to use them to best effect. I like the idea of adding hot pink accents to whatever it is. How much do you have?

    What a nice serger. And the print… very good choice. I can see how you could show a lot of restraint when you knew there was a bigger prize waiting at Sewing World.

    • I don’t want the embroidered border to look too ‘crafty’. I guess a sensible pencil skirt would be best. Not sure yet. I haven’t actually measured the length. I guess I should do that…
      Yeah, nice post about restraint when I go and buy a serger. It’s just opened up a world of projects.

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