Project Runway All Stars – Are You Watching?

If I’m completely honest, Project Runway is what peaked my interest in sewing. I loved the idea of creating something that expressed my style by choosing my own fabric and pattern. I don’t ever see myself pattern making. There are so many patterns I love that I haven’t made yet.

My favourite designer on any season is Mondo Guerra (when translated means World War). I love his use of bold colour and print. Here are my faves of his from All Stars Season 1.







Mondo better win All Stars. The others just can’t compete with him. Go, Mondo!

What I’m listening to: Love Interruption by Jack White (My husband thinks he’s turning into Edward Scissorhands. What do you think?)




5 thoughts on “Project Runway All Stars – Are You Watching?

    • Mondo is saying a lot more this season. He was pretty sensitive the first time around. Now he’s saying what we are all thinking. I love it!
      And his clothes are awesome.

  1. I agree he’ll probably win. He’s a negative little guy though. I like Kinley, she never has a bad word to say and she’s always encouraging the others. I think she’s getting stronger week after week. I loved Mondos UN dress.

  2. Many times, yes. Other times, comes off as jealousy. A couple of times he’s disliked someones outfit and thinks they’re going home…then they win, ha ha Mondo!

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