In Progress: Vogue 1257 (I’m back, baby!)


I’m back! I haven’t sewn anything for months. It’s been a rough time. We had a sick family member who, unfortunately, passed away February 12th so there have been other, more pressing things that my husband and I have been dealing with. We are doing well in large part because of wonderful friends and family.

Anyway, my super sweet sis-in-law, found at Yuppie Love, told me that our hobbies are what help us deal with stress but it’s the first thing that we drop in times of crisis. (We may also have mentioned exercise but this isn’t that kind of blog.) So, I resolved to dip my feet back in the water and get sewing.

I cut my pattern pieces and started cutting my fabric pieces for Vogue 1257.


I know it looks a little boring. Another reason not to judge a pattern by the illustration or photo. I also hope my waist seam looks better than theirs.

Look at my fabric choice.


Gorgeous, right? I hope this dress turns out as I imagine it. It’s a knit so it should be super comfy but the colours…so nice. Teal, grey, black. What’s not to love?


Just another photo because I love it so much.

I hope to get to actual stitching this weekend. It feels good to be back at something I love. Also, I really need some new clothes!

What I’m listening to: Emmylou by First Aid Kit

6 thoughts on “In Progress: Vogue 1257 (I’m back, baby!)

    • Thanks! It’s amazing how difficult times remind you how great your friends are. I guess it could go the other way but it’s been all positive!
      Hope the dress is good…

  1. I am sorry to hear that you’ve been through so much recently. Your SIL is right, hobbies are great outlets to get through rough times in our lives.

    You know I think I have that fabric in purple, the teal is lovely. I just made a Renfrew in it. I’ve only worn it 3 times but so far so good. I think it will look great with that pattern.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss! I know I use sewing as a stress-relief, although it can also be a way of dodging responsibility, which is not so great.

    It does feel great to get back into it, though, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to see your dress, and I hope the future has some smoother sailing in store for you.

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