Inspiration from the 2012 Oscars

I love watching the Academy Awards for the inspiration. I love to dress up and I love seeing those with NO budget restraints going all out with gown, make-up and hair. Here are some of my favourites.


Tell me you are signed up for Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP newsletter. She offers you suggestions on how to live awesome. Like finding the proper fishmonger and how to prepare for your Vanity Fair photo shoot. Oh Gwynny, you are just one of us. Anyway, I love her in white. And I’m a sucker for a cape.


This is Ellie Kemper. She is on The Office. I love the colour of this gown. Especially with her hair. Gorgeous.


Anyone else immediately start hearing the Dawson Creek theme when they see Michelle Williams? I loved this dress. It’s beautiful but playful. The worst thing is that she thought she was going to win the Oscar. She’s young and has lots of time but “I don’t wanna wait…”



My favourite of the night. Emma Stone. Love the colour and the bow. I also loved her banter with Ben Stiller during their presentation. She is everything Katherine Heigl will never be. Confident, talented AND beautiful. KH is barely one of those.


Angelina Jolie does not need to try this hard. The leg was everywhere.


This is likely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.


Wheeeee! Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords wins an Oscar for his song for The Muppets.

What I’m listening to: Boom by Flight of the Conchords


4 thoughts on “Inspiration from the 2012 Oscars

  1. What was up with that leg? Angelina just looked… posed not poised.

    I liked all those dresses as well. There were some lovely non-black colour choices (not that there is anything wrong with black…).

    • Angelina just doesn’t need to try. Seriously she’s statuesque and has Brad Pitt on her arm.
      I thought there were far more “good” dresses than “bad” this year. In my opinion, obviously.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hahhaaaaaa…omg…thnx for the laugh, V! That is the funniest thing I have seen all month! 😉 I’m with you on the Emma presentation too – I thought she was great, felt totally off the cuff…why the hate on for KH I wonder?!?

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