Early Summer?!

I could not believe when I saw Butterick’s release of early summer patterns. We are going through a cold spell in Western Canada so it was a nice escape to have a look at some patterns for summer. (The patterns can be found here.)

Specifically, dress patterns.


How cute is this dress? Such nice light fabric in the pattern photo. Beautiful for a summer wedding.


This neckline and waist would look great on my body type. It is supposed to be made with stretch fabric. Comfy, right?


And the back is totally work appropriate.


Look at the Butterick’s Next Top Model photo. This would be so nice for lounging around in the summertime. Perhaps by a private pool in Palm Springs. (Wink, wink.)


This looks just like the Vogue Kay Unger pattern sitting in my collection.





Nice dress. I like the full skirt. Not super inspiring though, is it?


Pretty, pretty, pretty. And it’s a wrap so you could wear it over a bathing suit. Or to dinner and loosen it in the ladies room when you’ve indulged in too much Brie and crostini bread. Whatever. Don’t judge.


Oh, retro. So cute. Now look at the photo.


Would someone please hold a 50s theme rockabilly party so I can come and dance? Thanks.


More retro. I would love to show up at work in the slim skirt version. Along with hat and gloves. “Here’s your coffee, Mr. Franklin.” And then the next day in jeans and my White Stripes T-shirt. Just to keep them guessing.


Ha ha ha ha ha! Now I see that Sears is doing Butterick’s photography.


The pattern is just for the skirt. Something draws me to this skirt. Love the yoke waist. Would create some nice definition. Similar to the Sewaholic Crescent skirt.




At first I thought this would be perfect post-Brie. Then I realized it was maternity. Haven’t seen many maternity patterns. Not that I’ve looked. Here’s another.


What do my procreating sewist friends think? Would you sew for your pregnancy or is it too much work for something you wear a short time? I would totally sew for pregnancy, if that was in my plans. Anything to avoid the uggo stuff I see out there in maternity. Not to mention the price tag.


To finish it off, here is the wardrobe. Pretty decent separates but fabric choices are a little boring, non?

Well, enjoy your extra day next week. February 29th is like a freebie. Get a massage or just have a long bubble bath. It’s free time!

What I’m listening to: That Old Black Hole by Dr. Dog


8 thoughts on “Early Summer?!

  1. I like the ones that you like and agree with the Sears catelogue comment. The vintage reprint amuses me. The Rockabilly dress is missing legs in the back picture and the second one has hidden feet/strange angle thing going on with the green dress. Fantastic dresses.

    • Some of the retro/vintage pattern illustrations are hilarious!
      There are whole blogs committed to mocking them.
      I have forbidden myself from buying patterns or fabric until I get seeing again.

  2. Welcome back! Love the dress love the “Huh”. I feel the red reto floral dress looks a touch too long. I’d probably sew pregnancy stuff if that was the case…but I’d probably enjoy sewing baby clothes more.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’d hate to work hard on baby clothes that they wore for 2 weeks. On the other hand they are so tiny maybe you could whip them up quickly.
      Don’t retro dresses tend to be tea length?

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