Plans for 2012


So many sewing blogs are writing resolution posts for the new year. I do not make resolutions. It isn’t realistic and a new year is really nothing more than a date change. The only goal I’ve tried to reach for the past 2 years is to accessorize every day. And I’ve been very successful!

However, I am already making plans for this year. I love to plan ahead for vacations, breaks and fun. Stein, the hubby, and I recently booked a trip to Palm Springs, California in April. Same as last year! But this go around I am going to leave more room in my suitcase for fabric. I love fabric shopping in the US. So much selection and great prices. Remember my finds from last year?

I also recently found out my big bro is getting married this summer. Right away I thought about a summer dress. It’s going to be a small wedding, probably at his house. Wouldn’t it be great if I could finish the Retro ScarJo Dress?


Inspired by this dress.


I plan to add boning to the bodice too, even though the pattern doesn’t call for it. A friend of mine gave me a pattern that was never cut. It’s too small for me but I’m hoping to use the boning instructions for my Retro ScarJo. Stitch up a cute shrug or bolero to go with it…

Other projects I just haven’t gotten around to, yet, include the polka dot dress


and the geometric black and white dress. (Needs a better name.)


I also received my jacket pattern from Sewaholic Patterns, the Minoru.


I probably won’t do the sew along this month but I will follow the posts on Sewaholic when I sew my jacket. I’d like to sew one with laminated cotton to be a little rain resistant, if not water proof. It would be nice to complete this before our April trip!

What are your plans for the year? Do you plan WAY ahead like me, or do you wait to see how things unfold?

What I’m listening to: Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar (I got this in my head today and couldn’t get it out!)

7 thoughts on “Plans for 2012

  1. I’m not much of a resolution maker myself. If I wasn’t doing it before, Jan 1 is not a magical fixer of bad habits.

    I love your choice of pattern and fabric for the wedding dress. That would be a fabulous choice for a summer wedding.

    My parents are heading to Florida again for February. The back of my head is planning some online US shopping to be delivered to them to save me shipping & taxes. Although that does go against one of my goals for this year of shopping less, but I did leave a loop hole for strategic shopping. If I focus on natural fibres that are harder to get at Fabricland, that’s strategic, no? 😉

    • Oh, I could get the fabric delivered while we are in the US! I never thought of that! Thanks for the reminder.
      About purchasing less, I wear my self-stitched SO much that I don’t resent what I spend on fabric. Of course, I’m not a big consumer in other areas so I think it balances out…non?
      I’m glad you got my point on resolutions. I thought I sounded like a curmudgeon but really another year change isn’t going to give you motivation/resolve/strength. We should strive for improvement every day! 😉

  2. I love that geometric white and black fabric.

    I think I don’t want to overwhelm myself and am just taking it month by month. But I did make a list of projects I’d like to work on this year. It’s nice to have an adjustable plan. Keeps me organised and underwhelmed.

    • I’m such a scheduler that I have 4 calendars in my office at work. Plus 1 on my phone. I’m just someone who likes to plan so I don’t miss anything. Nothing makes me more queasy than missing out on something before I wasn’t prepared.
      I like the goal someone (can’t remember who!) made of a garment a month. That’s doable so I might shoot for that.

    • Thanks! I worked with a Super-Accessorizer years ago and she totally inspired me. Now I don’t leave the house without contemplating accessories. Including my glasses! (I have 3 pairs.)

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