What’s been going on?


So I’ve been away from the blog for awhile. I have been really busy at work and had a really bad cold that’s just got me down and out.

I also helped to organize a 24 person dinner party that happened Saturday evening. It was a lot of work but came off beautifully. Spanish theme. I made my first seafood paella. The best part of the evening was when the Chilean attendee (who sort of inspired our theme) came in and said “It smells like home in here.” My friend and I high-fived! We nailed it!

Work will keep me hopping until the end of the year and then I’m looking forward to an entire week off. Stein and I are planning on spending 3 nights in Banff. Also, I picked up tickets to see Brian Setzer. I can’t wait to dance like crazy at that show.


I hope to be back to sewing and blogging soon. Until then here are pictures from Banff from 2007.




What I’m listening to: Lonely Boy by The Black Keys


3 thoughts on “What’s been going on?

  1. Lovely pictures. I hope your cold stays away, it’s hard to stay healthy at the holidays when people are in so much contact with each other.

    Ever find with music that you never hear of a band and then suddenly they are everywhere? I swear I’ve heard/read/heard about The Black Keys from 8 different directions in the past month.

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