The Appeal of the Peplum

I read the Style section of the Toronto Globe & Mail that is published on Saturday every week. I read it Monday at work since we have it delivered there. My coworkers fight over the Business section but I swoop in and snag the Style section. I guess they are concerned about making money and I’m concerned about spending it!

Last weekend they had a feature on peplums. I remember peplums in the 80s. I sported some. Usually on jackets.

Funnygrrl in a peplum. In 1992, almost the 80's.

They have been back in style for awhile now and I’ve been thinking about sewing something with this style feature. As someone with very little waist definition I think a peplum helps to make my waist look smaller, as least more defined. I’ve never been accused of having child-bearing hips so a peplum helps add a little feminine curve or two.


Stitchywitch blogged about peplums and Rachel Zoe had a McQueen look with a peplum on her daily report (sorry can’t find it now to link) so I googled some McQueen peplum looks.





The U-shaped neck and peplum would suit my body type best

I looked for some patterns with peplums and found this. It’s a Butterick pattern.


Butterick 5520

I know there will be plenty of vintage patterns with peplums. I haven’t sewn a garment from a vintage pattern yet and I don’t think the way to start is with a garment with a very fitted waist. I’m not an hour-glass, more of a cylinder.  I also think the less gathered, modern peplum would suit me more.


What do you think of peplums? How do you keep it modern?  By the time I get around to sewing a peplum will they be out of style?  🙂

What I’m listening to: Mistaken for Strangers by The National


4 thoughts on “The Appeal of the Peplum

  1. I’ve wondered about them as well—things with a defined waist often don’t work for me, but lord knows my hips can use all the emphasis they can get. I say go for it! 🙂

  2. Never knew these frills had an actual name! Love the pic of you, and I like the Butterick pattern, but not the red one…too space age-y, but that’s probably up your alley 🙂

    • I love any garment that you could wear onto a space shuttle and totally fit in. 🙂 My personal style is Classic/Logan’s Run.
      In the 80s and 90s the peplum was paired with massive shoulder pads. That’s not back in style. Thank goodness.
      Thanks for the comment!

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