Review of Butterick Winter 2011, or, Looks like Vogue

I haven’t done this for awhile, but, Butterick has an online $4.99 sale now and they released their Winter/Holiday 2011 Collection a couple of weeks ago.

Here are my opinions, even though you didn’t ask!


This looks like something we have seen before. About a thousand times. But look at the lace version.


Well, hello. You have seen my love of lace. And I have been longing for a red lace dress.


A retro-inspired pattern. Variations for bridesmaids. Could be cute but check out the real-life dress.


Holy ill-fitting dress, Batman! Does she know that we can see her nips? This does not make me want to buy this pattern.


Another retro look but what a difference. Wowza, this is hawt! Look at the sample.


I see myself in this. With killer heels and a great bag. Going to lunch and a matinee play. This fabric is a little dull maybe.


Worst styling ever. That’s all.


After my latest fall-back cape stitch-up, it was nice to see this pattern for dressy cover-ups. See my faves.


I think this one is my favourite. (But who approved this photo with the crazy eyes?!)


Or maybe this is my fave.


Look at this jacket.  A little Chanel inspiration, perhaps? Very chic.  And a model with glasses!  Yeah!


Cute coat, right? Wrap style. Not so great for Canadian winters but no buttonholes! Here are the technical drawings.


I could wear it over the matinee dress!

That isn’t all in the collection but just some things that stuck out at me. The $4.99 sale is on until the end of Saturday. Nothing for me this time since I have so many projects lined up.

I just cut the fabric for New Look 6968. Looking forward to a great day dress for winter.



Great fabric, right? On a side note, this photo was taken with my new iPhone 4S. I’m really pleased especially since my digital camera is not cooperating. Finally got it right, Apple!

What I’m listening to: Yer Not The Ocean by The Tragically Hip


6 thoughts on “Review of Butterick Winter 2011, or, Looks like Vogue

  1. The matinee dress is a stunner! The bridesmaid dress, well just look at the model – that’s one unhappy girl going by the body language.
    Which view of 6968 are you making (I’m being nosy!)

    • I’m making the one pictured on the envelope. They call it C but it’s clearly D.
      I would also like to make A. When I bought the pattern and fabric the woman at the cash couldn’t believe how close it was to the photo. 🙂

  2. I think that sometimes the big4 hopes that we wont know the difference between Retro/classic and just dated! I like the same ones that you did~ can’t wait to see your take on them.

    • I have one re-released Vogue vintage pattern. I’m curious to see how it turns out.
      With the Big 4 you just have to see past the envelope photos. I found it hard to do that when I started. Now I look for details that suit my body type and look at the tech drawings.

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