Finished: Peacock Crescent Skirt (Worth the 7 month wait?)

Finally completed! I bought this pattern when it was first released in April. The fabric was brought back from Palm Springs in April. The project is finally completed in November.


The photos are a little off, colour and focus, as my camera seems to be having some trouble. But you get to see what it looks like. Anyway, let’s do some question and answer.

What did I like about this pattern? As always, I love Tasia’s instructions. The sew-along posts also helped, especially for the zipper insertion. I also love the pockets.

What did I change? Nothing. Except I may have added a couple inches to the length. As I always do.

Would I make it again? Oh yes. I’d love to try it in a denim.


The yoke waistband is so flattering. And the full skirt is perfect for pear-shaped ladies or anyone with a little junk in the trunk. If you know what I’m sayin’.


Another great pattern from Sewaholic. Have you signed up for her emails? You get advance notice of new patterns. Come on! Sign up!

What I’m listening to: In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel (New Blood album)


15 thoughts on “Finished: Peacock Crescent Skirt (Worth the 7 month wait?)

    • Thanks! It is my favourite fabric I have to say.
      It’s a nice heavy cotton. I can wear it this winter with tights and boots, which is nice.
      The topstitching wasn’t as obvious as I thought it would be. I guess because of the print and colours in the fabric. Glad I did it though!

  1. Oh, it was worth the wait! Love the fabric and the topstitching makes it. I didn’t know there was such a thing as top-stitching thread…it’s fun because you can pick whatever colour you want out of the material to focus on.

    • Aww, thanks! The topstitching thread is about 3 times as thick as regular. Maybe even more. It wound on the bobbin so quickly because only so much fits.
      Another tip is to make sure you buy enough AND have enough on your bobbin so you don’t run out mid-seam. It goes quickly since its so darn thick!

  2. I’ve never used topstitching thread in the bobbin, only in the top (visible) thread. I’ve been meaning to give topstitching-bobbin-thread a try on my Featherweight (no way my Janome would tolerate it), but I keep cheaping out.

    • It worked well but I can see going through it quickly if it was a large project. Does different thread in the bobbin play havoc with tension?
      I’ll have to do more experimenting.

  3. That’s lovely, such a unique fabric. With such rich colours I can totally see that as a seasonal transition piece. It’s interesting how the back picture looks different to me without the blue top showing to make that colour in the feathers pop. You’ll be able to pair that with quite a few colours for different looks.

    • Thank you! My photos are so off because my camera is rebelling. Might be part of the reason why it looks so different.
      I wore the skirt yesterday with turquoise and cherry. Should be very versatile!

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