A to Z of Funnygrrl

I saw this on Vickikatemakes and thought it may be fun. Here are some random things about me.

A – Age – 39

B- Bed size – Queen and it’s a low edo bed. Love it!


C – Chore you hate – Too many to mention here but daily cooking probably the most. That’s why the hub takes care of it. Easier for him than hearing me whine about it.

D – Dogs – I love dogs and I even know what breed I would get but I’m not home enough for a pet.

E – Essential start to your day – Coffee. Started when I began kindergarten…seriously.


F – Favourite colour – Teal.

G – Gold or Silver – Both? My wedding rings are two-tone.

H – Height – 5’8″

I – Instruments you play – None. My 3 bros are all musicians to some degree but not me.

J – Job title – Administrative Assistant


K – Kids – None but I love kids. Just never planned on my own. Hubby and I discussed it when we started dating at the ages of 19 and 20 and haven’t changed our minds.

L – Live – Western Canada. My blog hints at the city but I don’t advertise it so local readers can feel free to comment. Also husband hates personal info on the Internet. Umm, I write a blog…so obviously I don’t care.


M – Mother’s name – Joy. Also my middle name. I love it. Like a built-in descriptor.

N – Nicknames – Funnygrrl, I guess. My name is very unique so I don’t need nick-names.

O – Overnight hospital stays – None since my birth. Never even broken a bone.

P – Pet Peeves – Poor grammar. People saying irregardless or unthaw. Dad was an English teacher so this was a big deal in our house growing up.

Q: Quote from a movie – “There happens to be a lot about me that you don’t know, Mr. Smarty-man.”


R – Right or left-handed – Right

S – Siblings – 3 bros.

T – Time you wake up – Alarm set for 6. Snooze once or twice. Weekends 8.

U – Underwear – Whatever is appropriate for the outfit. And I bought the Genie bra which I love.

V – Vegetable you hate – Do pickles count? Why would you ruin a perfectly good cuke?!

W – What makes you run late? – I’m usually on time. Last minute things slow me down. Lipgloss, teeth-brushing, accessorizing.

X – X-Rays you have had – Dental (?)

Y – Yummy food that you make – I make a mean Mustard Chili Salmon.

Z – Zoo animal – Giraffes. But I prefer animals in their natural habitat.

What I’m listening to: Career Opportunities by The Clash

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