In Progress: Peacock Crescent Skirt


Finally, I have made some progress on my Crescent Skirt. I’ve had the pattern forever and the fabric since April!


I sewed the pockets. Which are a really cool, unique design.


Sorry for the low quality photos. Camera seems to be having issues. These are taken with my iPad. Terrible in low light.


This is the front waistband. See how it’s pieced together? You can see it in the pattern envelope photo at the top of the photo better. Anyway, the seams in the waistband can be top stitched, have ribbon added or left as is. Because of the busy print of the fabric I wouldn’t mind adding detail to make the mismatched pieces look deliberate. Know what I mean?

I have a wide-ish red ribbon but I think it’s too wide. I also thought yellow gold top stitching would be a bright, nice touch. I asked Stein his opinion and he agrees with the top stitching idea. Too bad I have to go to the fabric store tomorrow to find yellow thread. *Sigh.*

What I’m listening to: Outta My System by My Morning Jacket

6 thoughts on “In Progress: Peacock Crescent Skirt

    • I think the top-stitching will look good, too. I browsed around other completed Cresent skirts and the top-stitching looks great to define the waistband.
      Thanks for the comment!

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