This Will Keep Me Busy

I came home from my trip to find my little mailbox stuffed full with a package from McCalls.


I bought a skirt pattern that I want to do in a corduroy. Probably the full skirt. I also bought a jeans pattern. There are many styles but I’ll probably do the boot cut and the trouser jeans. My machine can’t handle a heavy denim so I’ll have to find a light-weight stretch denim. On a side note, Stein hemmed his own jeans while I was away at my parents. He did okay. I thought it was pretty cute that he didn’t know how to thread the machine so he just used what was on it already.


A day dress pattern! I bought the fabric in Stratford while I was at my folk’s place. It’s a cotton with a bit of stretch. It’s actually white (even though it looks off in this photo) and royal blue. I thought the ruffled version would be nice. They also offer belt options.


I finally bought the pattern for my ScarJo Mango dress. Remember this dress?


I found the fabric on my trip in April to California. I am going to add boning to the bodice even though it’s not in the pattern. I’ll take my time with this project over the winter with plans to wear it in the spring.


And finally the Kay Unger dress for Vogue that I’ve loved since it was released. I wondered if this fabric’s print was too large but I think it will look nice with the pleats at the neck and the gathers at the waist. What do you think?



Along with my New Look patterns I have projects to last me until spring, at least!

What are your plans? Do you keep a fabric and pattern stash? Do you plan things out or sew on a whim?

What I’m listening to: Abducted by Cults

6 thoughts on “This Will Keep Me Busy

    • Sometimes I find it hard to picture the finished project with my fabric choice. I did the “wrap the fabric around my body in front of a mirror” test and I thought it looked good.
      The Mango-inspired dress will be my first retro style pattern. The measurements are pretty hour-glass so we’ll see…
      Thanks for your comments!

  1. I love that Vintage Vogue pattern, and your fabric choice for it!

    As for the jeans, lightweight stretch-denim shouldn’t be hard to find. It’s the heavier stuff that continues to elude me. Grr….

    • Thanks! I’m looking forward to completing a dress that I can show the inside of. No shortcuts.
      Have you ordered denim/fabric online? I stick to our trusty Fabricland or vacations.

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