Fabric Finds in the Lone Star State

In the midst of all that’s going on with my dad, we had a trip planned to Austin, Texas. We almost cancelled but with his health stable and my mom INSISTING that we take our trip, we flew out last Thursday. 3 days of music festival, 2 BBQ joints and 1 bat viewing boat tour later brings us to Monday. (More on the bats later.) My sweeter than sweet potato pie husband had mapped out all the fabric stores in Austin. One that we tried was closed but I got into Hancock and found a couple of beaut items.


Remember that hawt New Look pattern I spotted? Well, I picked it up along with some suiting fabric. Nice, right?


I also picked up this little number along with a navy and white polka-dot fabric. I’m not 100% sure that I’m using that fabric for the full-skirted dress but I’m leaning that way.

I also got some black lining and zippers but they aren’t exactly feature-worthy.

Do you fabric shop on vacation? I love the selection and price in the US! Why doesn’t everyone in the States sew?

What I’m listening to: Open Arms by Elbow

16 thoughts on “Fabric Finds in the Lone Star State

  1. Ooh, fun travel! I really liked Austin when we were there, and I’ve heard about the bat cruises.

    I’d LIKE to fashion-shop while travelling. I haven’t actually successfully managed it yet…

    • Austin is wonderful. I got ma’amed a lot but I know its how they are raised so it wasn’t so bad.
      On the boat cruise ended up sitting with a group from our home city! Just by chance. So random.

  2. Hair vs humidity makes more sense now. I was thinking at the time, but… it’s not humid… thinking you were still visiting your parents.

    That New Look pattern is awesome, good choice in suiting. I feel you can never go wrong with polka dots. 😉

  3. I just wish I could go fabric shopping in the States! Whilst I have one pretty good fabric shop here in Norfolk UK, that’s it for literally hundreds of miles. I’d have to go to London or Brighton for a days fabric shopping. But that might be a good thing?!

    • It’s just nice to see different fabrics. And the prices…amazing.
      I don’t think they know how good they have it. 🙂
      London is on my list. I’ll let you know when I make it.

  4. Oh man am I jealous. Austin is where I call home, the place I became an adult and really appreciated the quality of life it offered. *Sigh*

    I love fabric shopping when on vacation. I found some great patterns on sale when I was in York. Next month I am hitting Birmingham for the day with some other sewists and hope to find some gems.

    So yes, traveling and fabric shopping totally go together 🙂

    • I think I read some of your Austin blog. Such a great city with a small town feel. I kept saying everyone was as nice as Canadians! And that’s kinda our thing!
      We will be back for sure.

      • So I won’t sound too crazy if I mention that I am so excited about moving back next year. I am over big city living. Don’t get me wrong, I love the options it offers but I prefer being surrounded by nice people 🙂 Glad you enjoyed Austin! Lots of people visit and don’t leave.

    • I always google fabric stores wherever I go. I haven’t planned a specific fabric shopping vacation but I do hope to visit Vancouver soon since the feature in Threads.
      I can’t wait to sew these too!

  5. I would KILL for some navy with white polka dots! I have already decided that if I ever find some, I’m going to buy the entire bolt! With small kids, we usually vacation in Disneyland. But, I’m not far from the Bay Area. I need to plan a day in The City for tea and fabric shopping. I have pretty much no stash. A friend of mine was in Austin for the music festival as well. She said it was ridiculously humid, but she had a great time.

    • I grabbed the navy and white as soon as I saw it. Love it!
      I’m not an amusement park person…not having kids but a husband who gets sick just looking at the tea cups. 🙂 We love San Fran and plan to go next year. I’ll def look up some fabric stores. Maybe a meet up is in order…

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