SSS: Days 13 & 14 (Fall At Your Feet)

Autumn is in the air. It is chilly in the morning. Still sunny and beautiful but there is a crispness in the air. Usually I hate the fall but I am trying to have a better attitude this year. For one, fall does not mean going back to school anymore…like, for decades now. Also, I get to wear my self-stitched items with sleeves and in rich colours.

For example, Day 13.

Blouse (Butterick 5355) and Skirt (Vogue 8604)

I love Butterick 5355 which I have sewn up twice. I wear the black and white version often but I save the teal and brown for fall/winter. The skirt is Vogue 8604 which is in the same envelope with the high-waisted trousers from Day 1.

Trying to add props to make photos more interesting

I discovered in this wearing that I need to restitch the zipper and understitch the facing. If that doesn’t improve the skirt it will go to scraps or a complete overhaul. The accessories are my nude belt and shoes. I also added a peacock bangle from Modcloth.

Some Kind of Wonderful Pendrell blouse

Day 14 was the first time I wore my Red Lace Pendrell blouse to work. I’m seriously overdressed at work for the most part. Most women at my office don’t wear blouses or jackets. And even fewer wear skirts or dresses. I decided to “tone down” the Pendrell by pairing it with wide-legged trousers (Suzy Shier, I think) and black flats. I picked up the string of pearls on my way home the day before, on a whim. I just thought the lace begged for pearls which I’ve never owned.

Pendrell and Pearls (real Pendrell, fake pearls)

So, in my effort to tone down the Pendrell, I also added pearls. Way to be consistent, Funnygrrl.

What I’m listening to: Sway by Mates of State


4 thoughts on “SSS: Days 13 & 14 (Fall At Your Feet)

  1. I love your Butterick 5355! The colours are beautiful. And everytime I go fabric shopping I keep looking at the lace section with your Pendrell in mind… And you’re nearly half way through SSS! Well done you! Hope your Dad’s doing OK too.

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