SSS: Days 6-7 (Parties and Pendrells)

Rooftop Patio Party!

Day 6 was a busy day at work that ended with a party. Our team completed a major project early and under budget. We had a rooftop patio party to celebrate where the team received a certificate, handshake with the president and a nice bonus on our cheques!

TOA Dress (Butterick 5319) with black jacket

Perfect opportunity to wear the Touch of Asia dress. I paired it with a 3/4 sleeve jacket that I picked up at Gap Generation. It’s similar to Butterick 5187 which is on my pile of to-do’s. I wear this jacket a lot and would love to have white, denim and bright colour versions.

Finding a home in my shoe closet.

But I digress. The shoes I picked up in a consignment shop in our neighbourhood the day before. They are Joe Fresh, unworn and were $18. I wear my grey Mary-Jane pumps often throughout the colder months. These new ones will definitely move into heavy rotation. Grey shoes are a great neutral to go with black, navy or red outfits. What a steal! (I know they may look powder blue in the photos but they are a light grey.)

Day 7 required comfort. I wore my Plum Digital Dot Pendrell over grey trousers. I left it untucked and added a wide black leather belt over it. I wore my sparkly diamond flats to add a little pizazz. This is considered comfort for me because I don’t have to tuck anything in or make sure my skirt ISN’T tucked into my underthings. It happens.



I’m on Pinterest. Are you on Pinterest? I am addicted to Pinterest. I can’t stop saying “Pinterest“.

What I’m listening to: Open Arms by Elbow

3 thoughts on “SSS: Days 6-7 (Parties and Pendrells)

  1. Your dress is fantastic but I LOVE your Pendrell with the grey trousers. It looks so chic and professional, but there’s a little something going on too. I love that shade of purple!

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