SSS: Days 1-3 (Strike 1)

Day 1 was a bit of a disaster. What I hoped would be a cozy outfit for our sudden cold weather turned into schlump-a-dump. I wanted to wear trousers and I’ve only sewn one pair. These blue wide-legged, high-waisted cotton trousers that I never blogged about. They were one of the first items I sewed.

Wide-legged Trousers (Vogue 8604)

Normally I pair them with a tucked in top with interest at the neckline. A Pendrell blouse works well for this look because the sleeves create width to offset the wide trouser legs. Where I missed was picking this slouchy cardigan. Slouchy paired with wide is just all-over bad. A structured jacket would have been much better.

Paired with slouchy cardigan and red cami (Such a serious face)

I do love the splash of red and the visual interest of the belt. The shoes (photo 1) are a grey Mary Jane pump that I added a little pizazz to. A swing and a miss but it’s only Day 1.

Geometric Print Knit Top (Butterick 5283)

Day 2 was so much better since I didn’t even think about my outfit all day. It’s my geometric print knit top (by me!) and denim skirt by Lacoste.

Bangle and Fossil Watch

I’m cheating in the full-length photo because I actually wore a black flat shoe with silver buckle. They were waiting at work for me. The ones in the photo are cute Anne Klein open-toed mules but not super practical for a full day at the office. Other accessories were my Fossil watch with cream leather band (they are changeable) and, cream, black and tan bangle. Love it with this top!

Brown and Green Elastic-waist Skirt (click image for blog post)

Day 3 was Saturday of the weekend and I wore my chocolate and celery (why does that sound delicious?) elastic-waist skirt and brown t and wrap-around cardigan from Hilfiger. I kept it simple with Cole Haan brown flats as I was on the go. (Weird twist of my hips in the full-length picture.)

Italian chain and pendant

Anyway, I accessorized with a white, butterfly bangle and my iPhone (ha!). I also wore my gold chain that was a wedding gift from my husband’s family in Italy. I added the Murano glass pendant that I bought in Italy in 2008. Grazie, Nonna, Zii e Zie!

While I’ve been busy in my closet, Stein’s been cooking up some vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie. It was one of the cold, rainy days in the week and it was so nice to come home to warm deliciousness.

Vegetarian Shepherd's Pie


What is going on in your sewing room? Kitchen? Any great vegetarian-adaptable autumn/winter meals?

What I’m listening to: Rip It Up by Wanda Jackson


5 thoughts on “SSS: Days 1-3 (Strike 1)

  1. Looks like you’re off to a good start! I managed the first couple of days, but we spent all weekend at Fish Creek and most of my creek-wading clothes are storebought (old and ratty, but storebought).

    Oh, and in the past, I’ve almost always cheated on the shoes in my pictures. >_<

  2. Pants still scare me, Tanit-Isis was teasing me in comments about this. One day I will overcome that fear, but I’ll stick to bras and bathing suits over pants for now. I actually like the slouchy sweater when it’s done up. Maybe putting the belt over the sweater would give it the silouette you are looking for.

    • I just showed the sweater open for a better view of the trousers. I always wear it done up!
      Tanit-Isis is the queen of jeans. I’ll stick with trousers you don’t have to fit quite so much.
      Belt over is a great idea! I would have been happier if I wore a fitted jacket instead. Live and learn.

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