How I Spent My Weekend, or, Adventures with Garlic and Kale

I did minimal sewing this weekend. I managed to cut out the interfacing pieces for my Crescent Skirt. I also looking around in the sewing webosphere for some completed Crescent Skirts for inspiration. I found this and this.  These completed Crescent Skirts have helped me get re-inspired to finish my own.

My main activity this weekend was volunteer work at a construction site. I was in the kitchen chopping vegetables and washing dishes. It was hard work and I was on my feet for most of it but it felt good to spend time with other volunteers. I am very ready to get back to my cushy admin job!

Delicious and super healthy kale

This weekend I cooked up some kale. I recently read about how healthy it is. I added some garlic that we picked up at the natural foods store.  It was the strongest garlic I have ever tasted. Amazing!

It's more powerful than it looks...

We also added the garlic to a cream sauce that Stein put on some exotic mushroom pizza. (Don’t worry…not THAT exotic).  He added one clove of garlic and it was so strong he had to double his sauce.

4 Mushroom Pizza with a Creamy Garlic Sauce

Stein heads home to visit his folks next weekend so there should be pretty of free time for sewing. And I can spread my sewing out without having to clean it up for 5 whole days!

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One more gratuitous pizza shot

What I’m listening to: Home by David Byrne


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