It’s Never Too Late To Learn How To Sew

Happy 1st Bloggoversary to me!

The post name comes from a tag on a sweater that I just bought.  It came with a little sewing kit; a button and some thread.  It says on the tag: “It’s Never Too Late To Learn How To Sew”.  I agree wholeheartedly.  I started sewing only 15 months ago at the age of 37 (almost 38).  Before that, I hadn’t done more than add a button or repair a seam since junior high school.  Since then I’ve sewn over 15 items including, the piece I am most proud of, the Lady Grey.

My baby - Lady Grey

I couldn’t have dreamed that I would face such exciting challenges, suffer complete failures and meet (virtually anyway) some of the most inspirational, accomplished sewists on the internet.  I know for a fact that I would have given up many times had it not been for the encouragement from these ubertalented folks (most of it unbeknownst to them).  I was able to search their sites and flat out pick their brains for help on a multitude of subjects relating to sewing.  No one disappointed me, not even once.  Please visit some of their blogs via my links on the right side.

Why another sewing blog?  The world did not need a sewing blog from Funnygrrl.  I don’t have much experience in sewing and I’m not all that consistent with posting.  I started it for completely selfish reasons.  In your 20’s you are figuring out who you are and in your 30’s you know who you are and you can be somewhat disappointed at times.  I wanted to celebrate my accomplishments in a completely new skill set and share it with my family and friends.   With many negative and self-loathing messages from today’s media, I wanted to write about simple things that make me happy.  (This is where I say that my husband is one of those simple things…but that’s way too easy.)  I hope that my 40’s bring even greater self-acceptance and contentment.

To give back to the online sewing community I have decided to have a give away!  It includes a book, needle set and a special handmade gift made from this lovely Japanese fabric that was a gift from my friend, Stephanie, over at Berry Island on Etsy.

Dressmaking book from 1975, needle set, gift made from Sewing Goat fabric

No hints on the special gift because it isn’t made yet but sewists and crafters will find it useful and adorable.

Complete Book of Dressmaking illustrations

To win Funnygrrl’s Fantastic FTYC Giveaway, add a comment to this post for one entry and subscribe (or tell me you already do subscribe) for an additional entry.  I’ll mail it anywhere so it’s open to all!  (Except family and friends.  Sorry Stephanie but thanks for the fabric.)

Deadline for entries is September 12th.  Thank you all for reading.

What I’ve been listening to: Belated Promise Ring by Iron & Wine

18 thoughts on “It’s Never Too Late To Learn How To Sew

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    • Thanks for the comment! I still can’t believe I jumped into the Lady Grey sew along but I’m so glad I did. Colette patterns have wonderful instructions and I just followed the steps.

  2. I have been following you since you made the rust floral dress and cape. Okay, that sounds sort of “stalkerish”. But I won’t deny. When one of your new creations pops up in my email, I drop everything. Right now, I’m drooling over A Touch of Asia.

  3. Happy Anniversary. I love your Lady Grey!! And your finished touch of Asia dress is beautiful… I’m an unofficial stalker, but I’ll make it official and subscribe properly (now I know how to use that RSS thingamawotsit!)

  4. Happy Bloggoversary. I’m always inspired by your posts. I know jealousy is not nice, but I’m currently green with envy over your Pendrell Blouse, it’s stunning. Definitely the inspiration (and information) I need to start a lace creation of my own.

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