In Progress: TOA Dress Part 3 and, A Happy Anniversary!

My family in 2005

Happy Anniversary to my little bro and my sister-in-law! They are celebrating 6 years of wedded bliss this month. You can find my brother’s 4-Hour Body makeover blogged at Hone Improvement. His dedication to his workouts and commitment to a vegetarian diet (for over 12 years now!?) are an inspiration to me. His wife has the biggest heart of almost anyone I know. I am so happy that my little brother has brought this beautiful, vibrant girl into our family.

I worked on the Touch Of Asia (TOA) dress over the weekend. I completed the sleeves and attached them to the bodice. I didn’t realize that I had to hand stitch the lining to the arm hole. I am not the best hand sewist but I pretended I was working on couture. Did it end up looking couture? Oh, no but it helped me get through the slow process.

Butterick 5319 bodice

Gathered sleeve

I decided to cut the midriff out of a heavy satin fabric. With the interfacing I think it will create a structured waist. I don’t really have much of a waist so I create one with wide belts or sashes. This pattern had a wide midriff and that is what drew me to it.

Don't you love the red?

Now I have to sew the bodice to the midriff and add the skirt. That should be the quickest part of the process. Following that I add a side zipper, which I’ve never done before. Then I hem it and it is always difficult to hem a slippery fabric. We’ll see how that goes…

What are you getting done this summer? Do you get more done during the winter with less distractions?

What I’m listening to: Kids by Sleigh Bells

2 thoughts on “In Progress: TOA Dress Part 3 and, A Happy Anniversary!

    • Happy Anniversary! And congrats on the weight loss and body fat numbers.
      Good incentive to get my dress finished. You are on!
      I would call my hubby more of a pearl of sweetness encased in an oyster of benevolence.

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