In Progress: Touch of Asia Dress Part Two, and, Gnocchi

This has been a long weekend filled with food, friends and a little sewing. Friends took us out for dinner to thank us for housesitting for them in November one night. Then other friends invited us out the next day for our first dim sum experience. It is an almost aggressive dining experience as you grab plates off moving carts and hope you understand what you are eating. It was delicious and entertaining.

On the holiday Monday I did some sewing while watching the IT Crowd and Stein was making gnocchi in the kitchen. We recently started watching Lidia’s Italy, a cooking show, and my hubby was inspired to make gnocchi. Who am I to stop my man from living his dreams? He picked up a potato ricer (?) and made the delicious potato dumplings with a butter sage sauce followed by plum-stuffed dumplings with ice-cream. The dessert gnocchi are filled with plum wedges and jam, boiled and then rolled in toasted bread crumbs with cinnamon and sugar. Wow! They are as good as they sound.

Gnocchi with Butter Sage Sauce

Plum-filled dumplings

After my quick elastic-waist skirt accomplishment I was able to get back to the Touch of Asia dress (as I’m calling it). I sewed the lining into the bodice and gathered the sleeve pieces and sewed them together.

I understitched the lining in the bodice. What this does is help prevent the lining from flipping out and becoming visible on the outside. Have you ever had a garment where the lining poked out and you had to keep pushing it back in? Anyway, the lining gets sewn to the seam allowance near the seam attaching the bodice fabric to the lining.

Butterick 5319 bodice lining

Butterick 5319 bodice front

The sleeves for this dress are quite complicated. I wish that I had used the sleeve pattern piece from the Pendrell blouse as it is one piece and doesn’t require hemming. The Butterick 5319 sleeve has 4 pieces. Four! And each one requires gathering. Did I mention there are 2 sleeves?! That’s 8 pieces!

Butterick 5319 sleeve front and back stitched together

Butterick 5319 gathered sleeve

Hopefully I complete this dress before I have to wear it with tights and a cardigan.

What I’m listening to: Someone Like You by Adele


2 thoughts on “In Progress: Touch of Asia Dress Part Two, and, Gnocchi

  1. I say leave it sleeveless 🙂 Plus you have to make sure both sleeves look the same or it’ll scream homemade. I’ve expereinced the lining conundrum sp with skirts, so irritating when they hang out the bottom. Well must flock.

    • I won’t wear sleeveless at work. Call me a fuddy-duddy but I don’t think it’s professional enough. If I made it sleeveless I’d have to wear a sweater or jacket with it.
      I will try to make the sleeves even…good point…I was just more concerned about getting it done! If they don’t work out I have extra fabric to cut out a simple cap sleeve.
      The lining issues were with the bodice. The front sections weren’t lining up. I worked through it and should be okay.
      I usually make the lining extra short in the skirt so it doesn’t show. Or I might add red lace trim to the lining.
      Now get back to your flock! 🙂

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