A Little Bit Country

So, what have you been up to? Obviously I haven’t been blogging. Or sewing too much. Other things have come up but I have kept up on most of my reading about sewing on the superior sewing blogs. My friends have been busy. Check out some of their blogs by clicking on links on the right side of this page.

I have been asked how the Touch of Asia dress is coming along. In a word, slowly. The fabric is slippery so it’s difficult to handle. The lining fabric is a really nice anti-static fabric that is so much more stable than the shell fabric. The problem is that I was off a bit in cutting out my fabric pieces due to the slipperiness so the lining and shell pieces just aren’t lining up properly. When I have to fit sewing into my day for only a couple of hours at a time it is discouraging to spend it fixing mistakes. Since I don’t have any new photos enjoy this!

A Bull Dog

I did fit in a quick project that I could complete in one sitting. The city I live in is located in Western Canada and for 10 days a year we celebrate out Western-ness in city wide festivities. I own no western wear but since the company I work for was putting on a big event, I thought I should make something to wear.

Yee-haw (and whatnot)

I cut off the bottom of an old denim skirt just under the pockets. Then I cut two rectangles of plaid fabric that I got from my neighbour/friend that were each the width of my hip circumference. I sewed them together at the sides and ended up with a circle of fabric that was double my hip measurement. Then I sewed two rows of long stitches all the way around and gathered the fabric until it was the same circumference as the bottom of the denim skirt upper.

Bias tape hem

I hemmed the bottom of the denim portion with bias tape. I pinned the plaid gathered skirt under the denim hem and stitched it in place.

The back view

If you don’t live in this part of the world I can see that you probably think it is really tacky. Well, it is. But that’s almost part of the celebration. Sequins, rhinestones, HUGE belt buckles. I was almost the least tacky…

What I’m listening to: Calgary by Bon Iver


7 thoughts on “A Little Bit Country

    • I am also not a full partaker in the festivities. It really was a case of my company putting on an event and we could bring a guest with us so I could bring the hub. Otherwise, liquoring up with workmates in NOT my idea of fun.
      I was thinking for next year I could add a sequin rickrack trim to the bottom of the skirt. This may put me closer in the running for lead tacky-cowgirl. 🙂

  1. Cool dress.
    I found a stampede related fact about our dog, she hates cowboy hats with a passion. She lunges at anyone wearing one. I was going to correct this behaviour, but we think we like it. j/k
    Where is that bulldog? Julio Barrio’s?

    • Bulldog is from Julio’s, yes. I recommend them if you live within walking distance or plan to take a taxi. 🙂
      I don’t condone the mid-July events in our city BUT our company did have veggie burgers at the BBQ. A nice touch…

    • I agree. But with my white pin tucked blouse and wide brimmed hat, I looked pretty adorable.
      I can’t remember how much the skirt was but the greatest cost was time, for sure and it only took a couple of hours.
      I may wear it to book club just for you…

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