In Progress: Touch of Asia Dress


This pattern has been in my stash for a while. It has everything I love in a dress. Defined waist, V-neck bodice and sash.

I picked up the fabric during my trip to the desert in April. I originally planned on using fabric with a bit of stretch but changed my mind when I spotted this Asian-inspired print in black, red, white and grey. Could not resist.

So far I have cut out the fabric and lining pieces, gathered sections of the bodice and sewn 3 of the 4 bodice pieces together. I am following instructions closely as the bodice is lined and has a wrap front. I am not completely sure how it will all come together.


The instructions also called for the shoulder to have a “stay” added. In this case it is seam binding sewn along the seam line of the shoulder. I can see that this would be especially helpful with a stretchy fabric. It helps keep it from stretching out over time. I added it anyway since I have never added a stay to a garment.


If I ever get progressing on my Crescent Skirt, it calls for a waist stay. Same idea. It helps keeps the waist of a garment from stretching out.

I hope to have this dress done for Sunday. Once the bodice and midriff are together it should come together quickly. Hopefully.

What I’m listening to: The Valley by Okkervil River

8 thoughts on “In Progress: Touch of Asia Dress

    • Happy FINALLY sewing for me! Feel like I’m starting all over again it’s been such a long hiatus. I’m so envious of those people pumping out multiple projects in a week. (Le Sigh)
      But I’m completely enjoying it again. Yay!
      PS Meant to comment on your sewing space. Great job! Carving out space gives you and your work/fun priority.

  1. Yeah…my pencil skirt turned out to be more like an a-line. I think I’m going to sew the slit closed. Otherwise only had to seam rip one dart out (put it on the wrong side :). Happy sewing. I have a headache.

  2. Oh, this is going to be so fabulous! I love the pattern, and I think it’s going to look amazing with this fabric!!! Well done, can’t wait to see the final product….. 😉

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