What I'm doing this weekend

I will be vacationing in the California desert for the next weeek and a half.  I hope to hit some fabric stores (more seem to be home decor) and there is a store on the coast called Buttonham Palace.  It’s a button store.  Obvi.  If we drive to the coast I will try my best to steer my traveling companions to this must-see for sewists.

I will post if I can but I am not going to put pressure on myself.  I also want to have something to say and not just brag about the 30C+ temperature and endless sunshine.  (This means a lot to this Canadian girl who witnessed a MAJOR dump of snow on April 2nd.)

I may show myself wearing my me-made items on vacation.  I haven’t packed a lot as we are also hitting an outlet mall.  Sorry, an OUTLET MALL!!!  I still rely on mostly ready-to-wear to make up my wardrobe as I don’t have as much time/skill to sew as I would like.

In the meantime, check out the sewing blogs on my blog list (to the right).  They don’t slack like Funnygrrl.

What I’m listening to: Next Girl by Black Keys (I’ll be seeing them on my trip!)


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