Finished: Festival Wrap Pants

Yes, that is my Music Snob t-shirt and yes, I am one.

See, they wrap!

It was difficult to get a proper photo of these pants. They look like a long skirt but in motion they are cool, wide pants. Cool temperature-wise AND, like, cool, ya know?

Little more dressed up with a fancy t

I sewed a narrow hem. This is done by folding the hem in, pressing and then folding the raw edge into the crease. The hem is pressed again and sewn close to the inside folded edge. I also added 1.5 inches to the length. I’m glad I did since they ended up reaching my ankle bone. Perfect.

Instead of cutting the waistband out of the fabric (like the pattern called for), I used double fold bias tape. I thought it would be less likely to stretch out of shape and it would tie more securely. Stein was quite concerned that I would be walking and they would suddenly fall off and be left on the ground behind me. No chance of that. The ties are very secure.

Bias tape ties

The front waistband is wrapped around to the back and the tie is tied at the back. Then the back waistband is wrapped around to the front and tied in the front.

These aren’t for everyone. And I wouldn’t call them slimming but I think they will be light and airy for my desert vacation. And they are ideal for a music festival in the park.

What I’m listening to: I Want The World To Stop by Belle and Sebastian


2 thoughts on “Finished: Festival Wrap Pants

    • I can’t wait to wear them. They don’t look as pajama-y in person. And with the ties you can let out or take in depending on how many delicious restaurants I find.

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