Review of Vogue Summer 2011

I was thrilled to receive an email from Vogue patterns telling me about the 2011 summer patterns. I am so excited to think about summer as we had snow every day last week. Thoughts of summer dresses and open-toed shoes fill my head.

Anyway here are my unsolicited opinions!

First I loved it, then I hated it and now I kind of like it again.  I like the idea bright colours and patterns but I am not sure that it could look anything but “home-sewn”.

The sash at the waist would be the perfect shape for my bod.  I also love the thicker, but not matronly, straps and if you made it in a dressy fabric it would be super-dressy but if you made it in a cotton it could be a day dress.  Love it!

This is my favourite of the collection.  The only thing is that I want to make it in this fabric!  I love the shape of the dress and the cross-over front that forms a V.  If anyone has seen this fabric online please let me know.

I had to show you the close-up!

My first inclination is to love this dress.  I picture wearing it to a film festival screening of a Japanese film.  In other words, it is a pretty event specific dress.  It could have a tendency to look like a bathrobe if the fabric choice was off.  Check out the calla lily-shaped sleeves.

I love this dress.  It’s very similar to my rust floral dress, Butterick 5490 but this fabric is a knit.  I love the waist and the V-neck.

I was with you, Vogue, until the saggy sack dress.  Larger ladies may not want to wear this and emphasize our hips.  Thin ladies are thin and wouldn’t want to add this much fabric to their hips, would they?  Swing and miss, Vogue patterns.

I love this pantsuit.  I love the wide legs and the ruffle at the bust.  I love it in white.  I love it all.  I showed it to the Husband and he hates it.  As I have mentioned he doesn’t get veto power over what I wear but a person would have to be pretty confident to wear this out and if you knew your man hated it, would you feel all that confident?  I’m still adding it to my list…

Ummm, what?  A skirt that looks like a shirt tied around your waist?  Was this a Project Runway challenge?  They even give us a close-up.

The only up-side for me is the fact that I could sew my first cuff and get practice without having to fit my arm or hand into it.

The Wardrobe!  This appeals to the practical side of me.  A dress, skirt, jacket and trousers.  But honestly the jacket with the bunchy peplum looks a little Mother-of-the-Bride.  And the dress looks like a uniform to me.  The white doesn’t help.

That is what I thought.  Butterick-McCalls-Vogue have a MAJOR sale on right now until the end of Thursday.  Let me know if you stitch any of these up or if you completely disagree with me.  I certainly don’t think my opinion is the right or only one.

On a last note, my cousin, James, is learning to sew.  I’m so proud of him.  He’s learning from my sis-in-law.  Just mending right now but we’ll see if he catches the bug.

What I’m listening to: 100 Mile Stereo by Beach House

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