Review of Butterick Spring 2011, or, I can never have enough dresses

I am quite late reviewing this and I wasn’t going to bother.  But I love to express my opinion, even if it’s not asked for!

Infinity Dress, B5606

First up, the Infinity Dress!  I have seen these in ready-to-wear and thought I had to have one.  When I saw this I was excited at first but then I thought, “Do I really need a dress that has 6 different looks?”  It takes time to sew, so you want to make things that are practical or stunningly beautiful.  Does this fall into either category?  It would be nice to have on vacation as you could wear it a few times and not look the same in all your vacation photos but you would have to wash it while on vacation.  Is that really practical?  Do you do laundry on vacation?  My mom is coming on my next vacation with me so getting laundry done isn’t entirely out of the question.  🙂

Trench Dress, B5598

This is my favourite of the group.  I’d prefer it in a more vivid colour but I think they are emphasizing the trench coat aspects of the dress with the beige.  I love the put-together look but with ease in the waist.  This looks easy to wear.

Retro Dress, B5605

Butterick goes retro!  I love the full skirt.  I love the bow on the back.  I love the pockets.  (Pockets in a dress-what is better?!)  I even love the fashion drawings but look at that waist.  Could I see this on an actual woman from this decade please?

Real life girl, B5605

Yes!  This is so sweet.  I’m not sure where I would wear it but I’d love to put it on and pretend to do housework.  I could play the Stepford wife for about 12 minutes before I lost my mind, I think.  I can see many young sewists whipping this up and looking fab.

Wardrobe, B5618

This is a little safari for me but I think if they were made in a less Out of Africa fabric there are some good items.  The tunic is really nice.  And I think it is made out of a silk here.  That would be nice, right?  The cropped trousers are okay.  I was just happy to see a plus-sized model for a pattern that comes in Womens AND Misses sizes.  I think she looks pretty great.

Butterick Pendrell...I mean, blouse with sleeve variations...

Anyone else think this looks a little similar to another pattern?  I believe Butterick may have been “inspired”…

Butterick inspiration?

If you are going to buy one, the Sewaholic version has princess seams.  This allows for a much better fit.  Click on the Pendrell envelope photo for a link to the Sewaholic Pattern store!  If you do buy the Butterick version let me know if the sleeves need to be hemmed or are folded.  Thanks!

Tote, B5622

Super cute totes!  When I saw the size of the tote in the picture my jaw dropped.  I could fit my entire vacation wardrobe in that thing!  Is it too large for carry-on?  Goodbye Infinity Dress…  Hello 2 dresses, 4 skirts, 4 blouses, 1 pair jeans and some sandals.

I have no plans to purchase any of these anytime soon.  It is just fun to look to see what is on trend according to Butterick.

What I’m listening to: Winter by Joshua Radin


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