Finished: Digital Dot Pendrell Blouse and, Some Catch Up

Sorry no smile. I really am happy about the blouse!

I finished the Ruffled Pendrell Blouse following the Pendrell Sew Along.  I especially appreciated Tasia’s advice on the ruffle length.  I tried gathering to different fullness’ and extending it to different lengths.  I think the place I decided to attach it was the best choice for this fabric.  I also liked her post on underlining sheer and lace fabrics and though I didn’t use it this time, I will bookmark her post for future projects.

Pendrell blouse with a pin-striped flared skirt

The fabric is a little static-y.  It is so dry here and synthetic fabrics have just been clinging to my bod.

This is my second Pendrell and I think I like the draped sleeve version better on me.  I am not a true pear-shape and don’t necessarily need the extra ruffle on top to balance the lower half of my body.  That being said, I really like this blouse and the variations available.

On a personal note, I have not heard much news about my sick friend.  Many doctors are conferring because of his illness so, obviously, it takes time.  It is a long wait for tests like MRI’s so it could be up to a month before anything further is known.

My husband has helped me to realize that life can’t stop because terrible things are going on so I’ve been keeping my routine, though my thoughts are elsewhere.  And sewing and blogging really do bring me joy so I am going to keep at it.

I have also resigned from my job of almost 6 years.  I start at a new company doing administrative work in the same industry but a completely different department.  I am really excited but a little overwhelmed.  I feel like I’m going into junior high school from elementary.  It’s the same but so different.  I hope everyone likes me!

What I’m listening to: Take Me Somewhere by Tennis


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