Look What I Got Today!


Men's Shirt Pattern

It is my second Colette pattern.  It’s the Negroni Men’s Shirt Pattern for the MPB Sew Along.  I am so excited.  These are the Rolls Royce of patterns.  The instructions are in a little booklet.  And they even make a pro out of a beginner like me.  I will bring it in my bag tomorrow (minus the tissue pattern) and read it over to get an idea of what is in store.

I have already told my guy that I am making a muslin, or test shirt, before sewing up the real deal.  He says he’ll pick fabric he likes for both just in case my muslin is wearable.  I’m glad he’s got confidence in me!  I just want to avoid sticking him with pins.

What I’m listening to:  This Is Why We Fight by The Decemberists

4 thoughts on “Look What I Got Today!

  1. Oh, fun… I need to finish tracing the one I’ll be using. And bite the bullet and get something for a muslin. I was kinda hoping for a superhero sheet from VV, but no love so far…

    I love Colette’s packaging but I gotta say the way the Jalies come, on real paper, is my fave. But then I’m a chronic tracer…. 🙂

    • I haven’t tried the Jalies. I think it’s more sportswear (?) and I make dressy stuff for work. Not that I couldn’t use more casual items.
      I will check the discount section at FabLand for muslin fabric. And probably the final fabric too.
      Have you covered tracing on your blog? Forgive me if I missed it…

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