Coming Attractions, Or, I Haven’t Actually Been Sewing

I am in the midst of the Pendrell Sew Along and busy with other non-sewing related things.  Like book club.  (We are reading The Thirteen Tale if anyone is interested in joining in virtually!)  I also have some other changes in the works but can’t go into it here.  Yet.

The former would be my list of excuses for not sewing most of last week.  I did decide about a week ago to add a little shine to my Ballet Dress.  I plan to start working on it this week.

Ballet Dress pattern and zipper

I saw these iridescent zippers at the fabric store awhile ago and thought they would be great for a special project.  Probably for something a little “out there”.  After reviewing my pattern for the dress and coat that I plan to sew and wear to the ballet, I thought the zipper would be perfect to turn this quite ordinary sheath dress into a head-turner.

best close up shot I could get

Can you see the pink, blue, purpley tones?  Not for everyone I’m sure but until I get an invisible zipper foot for my machine I am stuck with visible zippers.  So why not make them extraordinary?

I am going to check the fit of the dress using the lining pieces and, hopefully, get a nicely fitted dress out of it.  I won’t show you my fabric.  Nice to have a little surprise to look forward to.

As far as other projects go, I have been eyeing a wrap pants Simplicity pattern for some time.

Wrap Pants

I thought they would be great for vacation and music festivals.  Cool for hot weather but full-coverage so they could be worn to dinner.

I found this fabric on my last trip to the fabric store.

Cotton for wrap pants

It is actually white.  (Terrible photography on this post.  Sorry.)  I thought I would treat the pants like a long summer skirt but with a nice floral print that didn’t have limiting, bright colours.  I think I could match this with a light blue or yellow top.  Perfect for a hot, desert trip we have planned for spring.

That is what I have planned.  Add to that the MPB Men’s Shirt Sew Along that I haven’t purchased fabric for yet.  I haven’t received the pattern so I think the visual will help my guy choose fabric.  I hope he chooses a nice summer weight.  I am looking forward to warm temperatures and sewing for it is helping!

What I’m listening to: Living Well is the Best Revenge by R.E.M.


5 thoughts on “Coming Attractions, Or, I Haven’t Actually Been Sewing

  1. Love these zippers! Saw them at F-land. My idea is to sew pillows with contrasting zippers such as these, and have the zipper show a third of the way down. Got my book! I was also going to get a book on speedreading, but probably take too long to read it.

    • I’m glad you found your way back here!
      I loved all the novelty zippers but only bought this one. The pillows sound fun!.
      Didn’t get the book yet…prob should do that…

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