In Progress: Digital Dot Pendrell and, Krusty Couture

Cutting out the Pendrell

I am working slowly on this Pendrell. I am following the sew along with Tasia at Sewaholic. She is taking this slowly which is fine by me. I am getting other things done in the meantime.

I cut out my fabric pieces. I found the perfect pattern weights. Our friend Joe made us coasters out of stone tile. He cut them 3.5×3.5 and put those adhesive pads on the bottom to protect the table. He also made us a little box to hold them. When cutting my fabric I was too lazy to grab cans and spotted these on my coffee table. They are heavy and displace the weight across the flat surface so they don’t make indents in the pattern pieces. Know what I mean?

My pattern weights AND coasters

I don’t pin my pattern pieces to the fabric anymore since I cut out the Lady Grey. It suggested that pattern weights and tracing was the way to go. With stretch knits I trace around in chalk. With stable wovens I just cut around the pieces. I would very likely pin if I had a table to work on but I’m working on the floor. I am not saying that I am right. It is just what works for me.

With the day off today I decided to finally add the ribbon trim to my polka dot kimono sleeve jacket.  (This is the same pattern that I converted into a cape.)  Even before the trim I thought the jacket might be a little Big Top circus-looking but I love the fabric and the style. I think the collar may be too big. Anyway, I definitely thought it was too short. I decided to add a ribbon trim to see if the added length made me like it. I hand-pleated the ribbon, pinned it and sewed it across the top.

Pleated ribbon

Sewn along the top

Then I pressed it flat and glued it to the bottom of the jacket. I know, glued it? Yes. I didn’t want to risk ruining the topstitching that was already there and there was no way I was investing more time in hand stitching something I wasn’t even sure I would like. It’s called Sew Fast and it works wonderfully. (Don’t judge me, please.) does look less bat-like on

I do love the bow at centre back

Vogue 8604 kimono sleeved jacket

I’m still undecided. While I think it’s arty and unique I feel like I should put on floppy shoes and a red nose. My baby brother and sis-in-law are throwing a ’60s in Paris themed party next month. I could pair this with a pencil skirt and wear it to that.

I’m scared to ask what you think in case you totally hate it.  I will try to take some pics with it on me.  Might give a better idea.

What I’m listening to: Ces Bottes Sont Faites Pour Marcher by Eileen

4 thoughts on “In Progress: Digital Dot Pendrell and, Krusty Couture

  1. Thanks for the coaster idea! I have a bunch just sitting around that I will enjoy using.

    I like the top. Hard to tell not on, but I think the polka dots would just be fun, not clownish.

  2. The coasters are nice and heavy. Perfect for weights.
    I will try the jacket with the high-waisted trousers from the same pattern. I do like it but worry if it’s costumey.
    Thanks for your comment!

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