Top 5: Favourite Patterns

Isn’t this fun? I will list mine. (Keep in mind I’ve only been sewing for 8 months so I don’t have too many to choose from.) But please feel free to add yours in the comments. Maybe in the future we can list our top 5 dress patterns or patterns from an independent. The variety is almost infinite!

#5 – Butterick 5355 – I love this pattern because I do wear the blouse a lot. It is also so easy to sew that I almost forgot the process from the first time I sewed it.  For me the tricky ones stick in my brain.  This one whips up in one session if you are quick.  (I just finished a 2nd.)

Butterick 5355

#4 – Vogue 8604 jacket/cape – This is the first pattern that I altered.  I originally made a jacket and then modified the pattern into a cape.  (I don’t have any photos of the jacket yet as I am adding a little embellishment.)  I have also made the trousers and skirt but they were really oversized and I had to take them in a lot.

Vogue 8604

#3 – Butterick 5490 – This is the first garment that made me feel like a real seamstress.  I received compliments from people who don’t know that I sew which was very satisfying.  The bust pleat detail is so flattering and the midriff felt a little 50’s which is a style that I have never worn.  Love this pattern.

Butterick 5490

#2 – Sewaholic Pendrell – What helped me love this pattern was that I got the perfect fabric for it. The drape and sheen go so well with the style.  Another garment that gets compliments without people knowing I sewed it.

Sewaholic Pendrell Blouse

#1 – Colette Lady Grey – Nothing is better than the little book of instructions that you get with the pattern.  Okay, the only thing better is actually sewing a coat!  I never would have dreamed as a beginner I could have completed this project but Gertie’s Sew Along and Colette’s perfect pattern helped me along.

Colette's Lady Grey

Now your turn.  What patterns do you love and why?  Don’t worry about listing all 5 or ranking just give us your opinions, please.  And if you are from the US you can list your favorite instead of your favourite.

What I’m listening to: The Weekenders by Hold Steady  (She said the theme of this party is the industrial age/And you came in dressed like a train wreck.)


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