Preview of Vogue Spring 2011 or, Feeling Hot Hot Hot

I decided to show you my favourite right off the start.  Wowza!  Beautiful draped sleeves, scoop back, pure hotness.

I am not 100% sold on the skirt portion.  Part of this could be the lack of bootie on the model.  (No offense, sweetheart.  I just like big butts and I cannot lie.)  The complicated straps are so interesting and look a little sexy straightjacket.  I love the uniqueness of it.

How pretty is this?  It’s attractive but completely modest so you could wear it to work but this could also go to a wedding or party.   Look how the model has taken her hair down for after hours.  (You go, honey!)

None of these, according to Vogue, are suited to my rectangular body shape.  I admit I was a little miffed until I read their description of Figure Flattery.  They say, in a nutshell, that if you choose patterns suited to your body shape you will have fewer alterations to do to get a proper fit.  Okay, that makes more sense but I would hate to miss out on some of these styles because Vogue says they don’t suit me.  I just have to be prepared to add a little room in the waist and probably trim a little from the bust and hip.

Here are some styles that will supposedly suit me without alteration.

Ummm…thanks, Vogue.  The best way to mask a thicker waist is to add volumes of fabric…not!  The only reason I could possibly get away with the longer version is because I’m about 5’8″ and have long legs.  A shorter rectangle would not be flattered by this at all.  I also think if I wore this I would have every 2nd person asking when I was due to give birth.

It is as if they are saying, “Cover up that pesky bootie and no one will know you have one.”  At least this top has a waist-definition option with the tie.  And Vogue, don’t say a pattern is for my type and then put it on a thin, reedy model.  It’s a drawing, I’m pretty sure the model could have been a little thicker.

Here are the body shape definitions according to Vogue if you are interested.

Inverted TriangeTHE INVERTED TRIANGLE: Large bust and/or broad shoulders with narrow hips.

TriangleTHE TRIANGLE: Small bust and/or narrow shoulders with full hips and/or thighs.

RectangleTHE RECTANGLE: Balanced on top and bottom, but boxy, with little or no waist definition.

HourglassTHE HOURGLASS: Equally balanced on top and bottom, with a trim waist.

This one is also listed as suited for rectangles.  Other types too.  I think it would be really pretty in a drapey fabric.

Belts!  I LOVE a wide belt.  My favourite of these is the last one, the green waist cincher. I have to look at the pattern details more closely.  I’m not sure my machine can handle heavy fabrics but this pattern is a great addition to almost anyone’s stash.

It’s the wardrobe.  Get all the looks you need for spring in one package.  The first thing I noticed was the platinum hair.  Fab, right?  Maybe I should try it for spring/summer 2011?  As far as the garments go, I love the trousers and the top.  Again I have a few problems with the styling.  I love white trousers but not an entire white outfit.  Put the blue top with the white trousers and you have a winner.  Of course, the great thing about sewing is that you can decide on the colour for yourself!

They even have something for the guys.

In the first case, the creepy guys.

I’m happy to see that he is wearing trousers because he looks a little “back alley surprise”, if you know what I mean.  Again styling aside, this is a nice classic trench coat.  Make it in a darker colour with a coordinating scarf and you have a winner.

Nice to see they gave us a close-up view of the back pocket details.  (*clears throat*)  But seriously, I don’t often see these nice detail views on misses patterns.  That was one of my complaints with Vogue 1199.  I would love to see these trousers in a linen, even though it wrinkles.  Something about linen for spring…

That’s my 2 cents (CAD).  What do you think?  Are you influenced by figure flattery suggestions?  Or do you know what works for you without the “help”?

What I’m listening to: Boyfriend by Best Coast

4 thoughts on “Preview of Vogue Spring 2011 or, Feeling Hot Hot Hot

  1. Wow what crack are they on for the rectangles? (I am a rectangle, too) I also love that first dress. Though, I probably need to rein it in on the dresses over here. 😉

    I think their categories for fit are too simplistic. Eg. They lump together large busts and broad shoulders—valid from a style pt of view maybe, but not at all similar to fit. Grrr.

    LMAO back alley surprise!

    • Good example! You and I are both rectangles but I know for a fact that there are things that would be stellar on you that would make the Fashion Police flash their badges at me.
      The key is to love what you have and work with it. Don’t let a book or tv show or large company tell you what to wear.
      (I couldn’t believe the pic of the trench coat-so creepy, right?)

  2. I definitely pay attention to the figure flattery icons, though I’ll have to go back and re-read about them. I was wondering why there were two very similar looking dresses and only one had my triangle. I think I probably have to do adjusting regardless, so I might not really notice the extra.

    • I took umbrage at the thought that they were limiting what I wore by their system. When I understood that it was simply a guide so fewer adjustments would have to be done I was more understanding about it. I wouldn’t eliminate a pattern I liked just from a guide like that. I know what looks good on me in RTW and the joy of sewing is being able to make things work. I also know what simply will not work, even if I like it, and won’t force myself into it.
      This topic could really be opened up even more. Thanks for your thoughts!

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